Monday, October 6, 2008


Another weekend gone! Never enough time or energy. I didn't get on line much this weekend and when I did I had emails that were urgent & days old. ARG!! I can't keep up. Would you believe we STILL didn't watch the movie..Dan in real life.

Weekend SUCKED to be a Tampa Bay fan of any kind. Hoping the Rays can redeem themselves today.

Looking forward to this coming weekend as I've got two different VENDOR events I'm involved in. I've been trying to forward a flyer about the event on Sunday but my email system keeps locking up because of the number of email addresses I'm trying to send it to. If you are local (you know if you are) and are interested in attending a Vendor Expo with at least 10-15 home based businesses in attendance, email me directly and I will send you the information.There will be food samples, door prizes and a chance to do some early shopping.

Also....have you checked out the Southern Living at Home specials for October? SWEET!!!! Lots of great stuff and even a magazine subscription at 50% off. Now would be a great time to buy a gift subscription for yourself or a friend. Check this out. Email me for details or to place an order. If you are interested in having a party OCTOBER would be a great time. We just got word that they have increased the Hostess perks from $15 to $50...just for having a get together with some friends. I have a few days available so contact me soon!

I just read on CF Husband that Tricia is headed to the hospital. Prayers are requested that she is better and back home soon.

Anything exciting in your neck of the woods? Anyone take advantage of the Kmart double coupons? I did a quick trip Friday night and saved $50+. it should have been at least $10 more but I didn't check my receipt until after I left the store and didn't get a chance to go back until the next afternoon. The manager wouldn't refund the money they owed me even after admitting I was right on the one hand but then contradicting himself on the next. If you missed the deals I've heard they will be back at the SUPER K-MArts later this month. Not sure where so keep your eyes pealed for ads. Be very careful that your coupons do not exceed the total of the product because that will send them into a tail spin!

Better run. HUGS to all my Georgia family that read this. Love you all.

HI JESS!!!!!!!

Till later..........