Monday, October 20, 2008


Has anyone in Tampa Bay slept yet? What an exciting time for our area. Now if the BUCS could go to the Super Bowl in their own stadium, super duper! (ps-photo borrowed from Jules blog)

What a beautiful weekend. I spent half of Saturday outside at the yard sale. Didn't make a ton of money but read over 300 pages of the third Twilight book (finished it later that day..I'll have the fourth book tomorrow). Sat under my Pop-up tent and enjoyed the cooler air. Of course it got hot when it was time to tear everything down but it was nice while it lasted.

DS went to his karate Slumber party Saturday night. Said he doubts there will be another because Sensi can't stand the little kids misbehaving. LOL. DS was a stubborn boy and didn't take a blanket or sleeping stuff except a pillow. When I got there at 8am Sunday morning (!!!!) to pick him up, he was still asleep on the mat in the karate room, all curled up. It was FREEZING in there. I had the heat on in the car and when we got in he heard the noise and screamed cause he thought it was A/C. Silly boy...A/C when it's 53 degrees outside and I can't stand the air when it's warm???

Worked on some Halloween treats yesterday afternoon and evening while watching Nascar & football. Man, I'm rusty. It took forever to gather all my stuff that I haven't used in awhile. Now my craft room is a mess from me tearing it apart getting what I needed so I could take it into the living room. Got 20+ treat bags made. I'm LOVING the new "rocking stamp pads" I got. I used them for the first time and they are super. Really help get a crisp image. I'll have to take a picture or find a link and share them with you. Used them with my new Papertrey ink Halloween stamps. LOVE THEM.

Several meetings, vendor events, and a Scrapbooking yard sale coming up...yikes! I'm also having a Gold BUYING party next week. If you are interested, contact me via email as I will not post details on this site. Thanks!

How was your weekend? BTW, I didn't see any of the Sunday shows because of the ball game(s) so please don't spoil it for me.

Till later..............


Jenn(ifer) said...

WOW, I can tell I have had a busy weekend b/c I hadn't realized that the Ray won! That's awesome.

Sounds like you've had a busy weekend as well. Don't you just LOVE when you can get into a book so much thatyou can't put it down!? I LOVE IT!

Loretta said...

When I saw the news about the Rays on tv, I told Steve that I knew you'd be excited, lol.

I read the fourth "Twilight" saga book in 24 hours over the weekend. I was the only one at home the whole time, so I could read interrupted--754 pages! Now I miss the characters, lol.

Jules said...

We used the same pic on our blogs...gmta! lol