Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Note to self

DS does not wake up when the smoke detector goes off.

His parents, on the other hand, sprang out of bed at O-goodness:30 this morning like they had been jabbed with a cattle prod.

Thankfully it was only set off because of the heat coming on for the first time this season. All the dust bunnies must have been going up in "smoke".

Didn't really get back to sleep since the fear of it happening again, with the next heater wave, loomed over our heads. DH got up and started watching the news. I thought about getting an early start but stayed under the covers for a little while, trying to stay warm.

Should have gotten up and gotten the early start.

I ended up getting stuck on my little two lane road to work, for an hour, because of a head on collision that blocked the road. Luckily I had the fourth TWILIGHT book in the car with me so I turned off my car engine and read. DON'T tell me anything...I KNOW....I figured it out before she did. Don't tell me anything else. I won't get to read again for awhile.

Anyway, the accident was AWFUL. When we finally could move past it, there was no doubt why the Medivac Helicopter came. The cars were on either side of the road and one of them looked like it had exploded. Really parts all over the road and the rest of the car was smashed to heck & back.Prayers for the people involved please.

I was late for a computer class that I had to attend for work. No worries, it turned out they hadn't even started and then the entire class was geared towards people that work in a clinic. Didn't apply to me. The teacher let me leave at the break.

Guess I should take advantage of getting out of that class early and do something. LOL.

Prayers for Tricia today as she gets tested for her cancer.

Til later.................'s not to late to take up a collection to send my DD to Philly for tonights game. She'll need warm clothes in addition to all the stuff we discussed before. Hey, it's not my fault that you all didn't come through earlier, when it was warmer.

PSS: Speaking of the RAYS, did anyone get their free TACO? After sitting in the drive through line for 10 minutes, trying to park and go inside only to be met by at least a 30 minute line..I decided a .79 Taco wasn't worth it. DARN, I was really hungry too.

PSSS: I didn't get my Yard Sale pics posted because I was being such a GREAT MOM to my DS last night. Long story but it involves; Video games that needed to be returned, letting him play it until the very last minute, going to the video place BEFORE going to pick up my RX that I'd been out of for two days, and the Pharmacy CLOSING 10 minutes before I got there.

Lets just say that by the time I got home my DS had been informed that his only actions for the next little while would be to KMA and do anything I tell him to. LOL.

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