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Adam is singing


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday post


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

All You offer

I've mentioned my dealings with other bloggers to offer 24 issues of ALL YOU magazine for $19.95. We have been raising money for wonderful charities while saving blog readers a ton of money through the $20-$60 in value coupons offered each month in the magazine.

I decided to add a permanent offer here on my blog. Each month I will donate $2 from each subscription to either the CUT it OUT charity (Southern Living at Home's home charity to educate and help victims of domestic violence) or to help cure Breast Cancer through several friends that are taking part in the 3 day SGK events in October.

Feel free to refer your friends to this offer either through my site or through the partners that are listed on the side bar via their blog buttons. Thanks!

Ordering Instructions:
Due to contract issues with Time Warner, effective immediately we must take orders and enter them ourselves. If you are interested in this great magazine, email me.

You can expect your first issue to arrive approximately 6-8 weeks after the order is submitted to SLAH. I will submit orders on the first and 15th of each month.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


If I was clever and/or not tired, I'd write a post listing the 28 things I love about my niece Jenna. Today is her birthday and she is 28.

That is NOT possible.

I remember the day she was born.

I remember the drama that went with it.

I remember Richard Gere.

LONG story.

I wish I still had the Surgical gown I "borrowed" from the hospital the day she was born.

It was COLD. We had a LONG wait. Did I mention it was Cold? Did I mention I was only 22 at the time?

Good grief. That just made me feel really OLD.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest 28 year old niece anyone could ever have. Until next year, when you will be the best 29 year old niece anyone has. Then we are going to stop counting because the thought of you turning 30 makes me need a very strong glass of chocolate milk.

Yeah. Chocolate milk. That's what I need.

LOVE YOU fer fer.

pisssssssst....keep reading below. Someone posted a bunch o-crap.

What I would have said if I'd posted this past week

Let's pretend that you came here each day since last Friday and this is what you read:


Took the boy to meet up with my niece, sister and mom as they drove north to take her half way back to Georgia. Her friend was nice enough to volunteer to meet them someplace near Gainsville since my Sister is still feeling crappy. It makes me sad to know that my boy really doesn't remember Jenna. He only gets to see her once in a blue moon. Look how much TALLER the boy is than Jenna since she is shorter than me. So funny! She tried to tell him about holding him as a newborn and how much dark hair he had. He just looked at her like she was an alien.


The boy wasn't happy but we had to move things in the garage so the AC guy could finally get to the unit to check it and clean it out for the season. Thankfully we didn't have to move as much stuff as I thought we were going to have to. It ended up only taking a couple hours instead of all day. While we were moving things, I looked out at the pond and saw a smallish alligator swimming towards us from the opposite bank. Looked to be only about 5 feet long. After we finished with the rearrange I carefully walked out to the pond to see if the gator was sunning her/himself. I didn't see that gator but out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. I looked over and saw this:

(When I thought I'd get my post on the day I saw this I was going to title it....

Cuter by the Dozen?)

Yep. As I watched, 10 more little gators popped up and started swimming towards the other bank.

YIKES. 12 babies. That we can see. How many more we didn't see? What happens when they grow up? Where are the babies from LAST YEAR?


I have no words for how I feel today. I started to go to work, even left the house and got almost a mile away when I read the headline about what day it was..a 10 year anniversary of a horrific event and the 14th anniversary of an equally horrific event. I tried to keep driving but my stomach revolted and an over whelming feeling came over me. I tried to ignore the feelings but then Oprah's voice came into my head about listening to the small voice...I made a u-turn and went home. I didn't explain why I came home. I told my DH I decided I needed a personal day.

I ended up taking the Boy to school and then decided to drive to Kmart and try and take advantage of the Double coupon week. Here is a picture of what I got:

My total before coupons was $216

OOP after coupons $31.55

Taxes included in OOP $6

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you spend three hours in a store!

Retail therapy without blowing the bank.


American Idol. Disco week. I lived through the original Disco. Kind of. Didn't really love it then so was not looking forward to hearing kids, that were 10+ years away from being born during the disco era, sing the songs of that time. Some of them did a good job. Loved the "Santana" style disco song that Chris sang. REALLY hated some of the others. Discovered that Adam IS human when he left a couple words(letters) off during his song. We replayed it to be sure. Still, he can sing no matter what the theme. Was waiting for Lil or her momma to "come across the table" when Simon started his dissing of her song. She truthfully wasn't good. I'm not sure why but she just never got it....


Lil & Anoop are history. Predict that Matt will cruise next week to the bottom of the pile. Not sure what the theme is so will be interested to see what Adam does. Always interesting.


Day before Friday!


Hit up Kmart again during lunch. Scored .24 Graham Cracker crusts (found .30 coupons today-darn!!) Got some Kraft Parm. Shaker cheese for $1.25. Sweet!

Tried to go to the local store while the boy was at Karate but it is near impossible to work deals in under an hour, especially when the cashier looks at the Internet coupon you took time to print and says, We don' take IP's. Yes you do, it says so on your own RECEIPTS. Then she says well we can't take that one because it says Available at Walmart.

Yes, it says that but....it is a coupon printed from KMART.com and it says so right on the coupon.

She calls over the manager who repeats the same misinformation about the Internet coupons and then says I can't use the WALMART coupon.


At that point the store was closing and the boys class was ending in 10 minutes. I asked the cashier to put all my items into a bag/box and let me come back in the morning. I gave them my name and phone number and left.

When I got home I went back onto the Kmart website and printed another copy of the "disputed " coupon and left the paper uncut so I could show them the Kmart.com part on the ENTIRE page....not just on the coupon.


Watched some Oprahs while DH slept and then got up and talked to the boy. He had gotten himself up and had already taken a shower. WOW. His dad was due to pick him up at 10ish. We decided Cinnamon rolls sounded good for breakfast so I headed off to make them while he played his game. He ended up eating FOUR rolls before I could remind him to leave some for his buddy.

After he left for the weekend I got ready and headed back to Kmart, ready to do battle. I got my stuff from the service desk and went back into the store to finish picking up what ever I could find to use my coupons on. When I walked into the store I had taken a look at the cashiers and was very upset to see that the same "biddies" that had given me a hard time on Friday night were the ones working.

Great. This should be fun.

Thankfully when I got ready to check out, the cashier I ended up with was SMART and NICE!! First thing, as I was putting my stuff on the counter, I showed her the "infamous" walmart coupon and she saw right away that it was a Kmart.com coupon. She even told me that they DO take Internet coupons. I blessed her heart and we checked out with little trouble. The only thing that didn't work was the $5 off $50 that the Head cashier wouldn't let her use. She claimed it was for Groceries. I disagreed but decided to let it go. I usually don't "leave $5 on the table" but decided for once to let it go and move on. I ended up getting :

$67.09 worth
$14.44 OOP
($2.20 tax)

Not as good as Monday since they wouldn't let me use the $5 off and I got a couple things that were more than the amount of my coupons and I spent $2.50 on a "file" for either my business or to hold a ton of coupons.

I actually went out to the car and then came back in to get more free Deo, cat treats and candy. That order was:

$25.72....OOP came to .77 of which .77 was tax!

So there you have it. My week in a boring nutshell. I've loaded pictures onto a disc that I can use with my laptop so maybe I can get some Ebay items loaded. I've been super busy managing all the ALL YOU deals that I have working with various blog friends I've partnered with. I'm going to add some buttons to the side showing sites I'm working with. Check them out. They all are really great at making you aware of deals coming at all the stores we frequent.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

CONGRATS to my dear niece who got a wonderful job offer this week. They called her while she was in AZ and she interviewed when she got back. They offered her the job late this week and we are all thrilled for her. It means full time w/full benefits. Just what the family needs.

By the way, if you want to read a well written, funny, clever blog...check out her blog here. She has been sharing the tales of the AZ adventure and it's almost like you are there.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday again. Are you sure?

They are really cracking down on Internet usage while at work. I've been super busy at night.


Last weekend is a blur. I got to see my darling neice on Sunday before she shipped out to AZ with my sister. They haven't had Internet access so are waiting to see them tomorrow to get the details. I've heard through my mom that J is having fun. M, apparently not so much as she's had a cold & other ailments. What a drag.

Saw the kids for a short time Easter night. Love to hang out with the Girl. She is super busy with end of the school year stuff.

I did get to see her Thursday am. Well, actually I saw her face as the rest of her was buried under her covers. She let me drop in to use the shower after my second sleep study.

Follow up sleep study. Fun!! They had me come sleep with the Cpac machine. The first one lasted about 3 hours before a horrible headache woke me up where the mask was digging into my skull. They changed it to a set of "Nose balls" with a strap. Seriously, they were two tiny tubes on the top of plastic balls that set into your nose. Since it didn't dig into your skull it actually worked much better....for the 3 hours I had left to sleep. I'll talk to my doctor in about a week and see what I'm going to do.

What did you think of ADAMS performance this week? So fun to watch. What about the "SAVE"? Since they only had one more week to use it, it was a bit of a surprise but made an interesting twist. 2 go next week. Who will it be? Lil?? Matt??

The boy has had a rough week. Report card wasn't as good as he claimed it would be. Not bad but since the grade was based on NOT turning in work...again...he got a long lesson in doing what is expected or going beyond. Stressing the importance of doing your bet even when you don't feel like it.

Thanks to his "situation" I'm going to use him to clean out the garage this weekend. Or so I think. Kind of depends on how I feel.

What have you been up to? Lots of reports of young children loosing their lives this week. So sad. Locally 4 teenagers were killed in a accident that gave use another lesson for the boy. ALL of your actions have results. It could be a bad grade or it could mean your life.

Have the DVR "Twilight" at home that has been waiting for me since Wed. night. I saw it at the movies but my DH hasn't and promised to watch with me. Should be interesting to see his reaction. I'm sure he won't like it. It's really not that great of a movie...but I liked it. Looking forward to seeing it in Blue ray.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

All You magazine

I'm currently working deals with several bloggers to offer the ALL YOU magazine to their readers. The best part is that we are giving $1-2 per subscription to a charity. One blogger is raising money for Mental Health and another is supporting Susan G. Koman

If you have seen the magazine in Walmart, you know it normally sells for $2.24 an issue. All You offers a 12 month subscription for $20-23. We are offering 24 issues for $19.95.

If you'd like to get a great deal on a wonderful magazine AND support a worthy cause, contact me.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday**Jenna don't look

Mad World indeed.

(link from Givememyremote.com)

Actually, it's a tie this week.

RESCUE ME is Back!! Love that Michael J Fox is on this season. It's gonna be fun!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Boy's Big Day



How did that happen? Actually he was born at 7:07 pm so it's not official yet.

He had his choice of any restaurant to have dinner.

What did my 14 year old select?

Village Inn.


We had a great meal and I didn't embarrass him to much. I told them it was his birthday but apparently VI isn't a Birthday singing kind of place. They even made me pay for his dessert.

He is spending the day playing his new Video game. Yes, he got another Video game. As long as his grades stay up and he doesn't start talking like a sailor, he's golden.

He doesn't read my blog but if you want to leave Birthday wishes, I'll be sure he gets them. I'll try and take a new picture of him before he leaves for his dads tonight. He's so cute!

Til later..............

BTW, anyone see HOUSE last night? !!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Girls Rule & Monster are cool

Date night with my boy was fun. The movie is really cute. Our theater didn't have the 3D version but it was still good. The boy did say that I laughed to much and at times was the ONLY person laughing. Sorry.

He also decided that he was to full from the popcorn and Dots he had at the movie so our Dinner was delayed until tonight.


How about the young girls of Country Music? !!!! Way to go Taylor & Carrie. Any time someone beats out Kenny Chesney, it's a Great night. Ask me sometime about the time I met KC in Vegas when my sister & I went to the ACM's a few years ago. A**H*le!! And he's shorter than me! Want to bet when Carrie Underwood won Entertainer of the Year, what he whispered in her ear was "Enjoy it B*****, I'll get it back next year!"

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date with the Boy

My DS and I are going to the movies and dinner later today for his birthday. He decided on Monsters Vs Aliens. LOL. First he wanted to see Mall Cop or anything with Adam Sandler. When I told him neither were available he decided on MVA. How cute is that?

Sorry I didn't update you on the sleep study. Friday was a bear at work and then we had Karate that night. Yesterday I took the boy to the Library event and then dis some coupon sorting so I could go the the store. Ended up saving $105 and spending $27. Not bad. TONS of cereal and crackers in the deal. Thanks to my sister for giving me the crackers heads up.

Today I've been going through papers/coupons/junk. I'm actually looking for a missing bill and am convinced now it must be in the car. ARG!

The sleep study was interesting. I had wires attached to every part of my body from the waist up. There were leads glued onto my head (made for interesting time the next morning trying to shampoo it out), wires attached to my face, neck, chest, lower leg, and my finger. It wasn't as bad as I expected since it made me sleep on my back. I prefer to sleep on my back but that makes me snore so I usually get forced onto (gently suggested) my left side. Without needing to worry about snoring, I just stayed on my back. I tried turning on my side but the wires were attached to a box on a table next to my bed and I couldn't really turn over very far.

I got woke up a couple times as the tech came in to change leads that stopped working. Other than that, I slept about as much as I do at home. She woke me up about 5:45 and I got to my DD's a little after 6am. Her apartment security gate was closed so I drop over to a local Wendys and sent her a text to call me when she woke up. I took alittle nap and she called me about 15 minutes later,. After I got upstairs we went back to sleep for about 30 more minutes.

THANKS J for letting me drop in and use your shower.

I didn't get any results. I thought since they didn't come in and put the CPAC on me, that it meant I didn't need it. A friend from work that just went through this and has a machine said, they didn't wake her up that first night either. Darn. Guess we'll wait and see what they say.

I have an appointment with the Ortho dr on Wed and should get the results of the MRI. Joy!

Time to run see if the bill I need is in the car and start getting ready for my date with the boy. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleep, per chance to Snore?

So excited about my sleep study tonight.


My sister says that everyone has a sleep disorder when they go to these things because they CAN'T sleep in that environment. LOL. We'll see.

Apparently I scared my niece with my Wordless Wed. picture. Sorry J. We like your choices too but appreciate the "entertainment value & voice" of AL. The fact that he looks like a cross between Teen Wolf, Edmond the vampire and Elvis makes him a little creepy but he's MAN Pretty as Kelso used to say on the 70's show. He amuses us.

No results of my MRI. I figure I'll get them next week when I pay the $40 co-pay for the Ortho Dr. to tell me I need PT. Since I can't afford the $40 a pop PT visits, not sure what I'm gonna do. A co-worker brought me her "Pully" system that she used for PT on her shoulder. If he says that's what I need, that's what I'm gonna use. Doubt he'll suggest surgery and not really sure what I'd do it he did.

I'm avoiding a TON of work on my desk so guess I better get going. Hoping for rain without the bad weather my niece and her area have been getting. Just a nice soaking would be nice.

Til later...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Play that Funky Music!

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