Saturday, April 25, 2009


If I was clever and/or not tired, I'd write a post listing the 28 things I love about my niece Jenna. Today is her birthday and she is 28.

That is NOT possible.

I remember the day she was born.

I remember the drama that went with it.

I remember Richard Gere.

LONG story.

I wish I still had the Surgical gown I "borrowed" from the hospital the day she was born.

It was COLD. We had a LONG wait. Did I mention it was Cold? Did I mention I was only 22 at the time?

Good grief. That just made me feel really OLD.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest 28 year old niece anyone could ever have. Until next year, when you will be the best 29 year old niece anyone has. Then we are going to stop counting because the thought of you turning 30 makes me need a very strong glass of chocolate milk.

Yeah. Chocolate milk. That's what I need.

LOVE YOU fer fer.

pisssssssst....keep reading below. Someone posted a bunch o-crap.


Jenn(ifer) said...

Thank You :) Its nice to hear a nice version of the day I was born as opposed to the 'other' version I sometimes hear.

Can u believe someone has not even called or emailed me today. LoL Its ridiculous!

Loretta said...

Very nice job of updating! :-)

Happy birthday to Cheryl's other Jennifer! Hope it was a good one.

By the way, my Jenn(ifer) got a great job offer this week, too--as administrative assistant to our primary care physician. We're very excited!

Your SIL