Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date with the Boy

My DS and I are going to the movies and dinner later today for his birthday. He decided on Monsters Vs Aliens. LOL. First he wanted to see Mall Cop or anything with Adam Sandler. When I told him neither were available he decided on MVA. How cute is that?

Sorry I didn't update you on the sleep study. Friday was a bear at work and then we had Karate that night. Yesterday I took the boy to the Library event and then dis some coupon sorting so I could go the the store. Ended up saving $105 and spending $27. Not bad. TONS of cereal and crackers in the deal. Thanks to my sister for giving me the crackers heads up.

Today I've been going through papers/coupons/junk. I'm actually looking for a missing bill and am convinced now it must be in the car. ARG!

The sleep study was interesting. I had wires attached to every part of my body from the waist up. There were leads glued onto my head (made for interesting time the next morning trying to shampoo it out), wires attached to my face, neck, chest, lower leg, and my finger. It wasn't as bad as I expected since it made me sleep on my back. I prefer to sleep on my back but that makes me snore so I usually get forced onto (gently suggested) my left side. Without needing to worry about snoring, I just stayed on my back. I tried turning on my side but the wires were attached to a box on a table next to my bed and I couldn't really turn over very far.

I got woke up a couple times as the tech came in to change leads that stopped working. Other than that, I slept about as much as I do at home. She woke me up about 5:45 and I got to my DD's a little after 6am. Her apartment security gate was closed so I drop over to a local Wendys and sent her a text to call me when she woke up. I took alittle nap and she called me about 15 minutes later,. After I got upstairs we went back to sleep for about 30 more minutes.

THANKS J for letting me drop in and use your shower.

I didn't get any results. I thought since they didn't come in and put the CPAC on me, that it meant I didn't need it. A friend from work that just went through this and has a machine said, they didn't wake her up that first night either. Darn. Guess we'll wait and see what they say.

I have an appointment with the Ortho dr on Wed and should get the results of the MRI. Joy!

Time to run see if the bill I need is in the car and start getting ready for my date with the boy. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Til later...........

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