Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Boy's Big Day



How did that happen? Actually he was born at 7:07 pm so it's not official yet.

He had his choice of any restaurant to have dinner.

What did my 14 year old select?

Village Inn.


We had a great meal and I didn't embarrass him to much. I told them it was his birthday but apparently VI isn't a Birthday singing kind of place. They even made me pay for his dessert.

He is spending the day playing his new Video game. Yes, he got another Video game. As long as his grades stay up and he doesn't start talking like a sailor, he's golden.

He doesn't read my blog but if you want to leave Birthday wishes, I'll be sure he gets them. I'll try and take a new picture of him before he leaves for his dads tonight. He's so cute!

Til later..............

BTW, anyone see HOUSE last night? !!!!!!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Happy Birthday! :) I still can not believe that he's 14! I still remember going to the hospital and holding him...he had SO much BLACK hair! LoL funny how that changed.

BIG HUGS. See you Sunday!!!

Loretta said...

Give him our happy birthday wishes, too! I can't believe he's 14 already. Remember when he was three and y'all came to visit when our cats were just kittens? I'll always remember him picking up Cody and saying, "This is my kitty now and his name is George," with such a serious face, lol. Jenn freaked out because that was HER kitty! LOL

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Michael, can't believe you are 14!!! Next time tell your Mom you want to go to Bern's for dinner-they make you pay for dessert too..but worth it, seriously. Then call & thank me. Now, since you will trust my taste by then, when you turn 16 call me & we will discuss a place called Reeves. I think they only have a vending machine for dinner but seriously the BMW's, Porches, Audi's & Hummers are worth a stomachache the next day. I know they will sing you happy birthday!

Aunt Nicole & Little Andy

Michele L from Tampa said...

Officially now he is 14 so....Happy Birthday Mike!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, boy! :) It was MY sons birthday too, he was 20. He's at college and looking forward to this weekend and dinner at Chili's with mom. :)