Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleep, per chance to Snore?

So excited about my sleep study tonight.


My sister says that everyone has a sleep disorder when they go to these things because they CAN'T sleep in that environment. LOL. We'll see.

Apparently I scared my niece with my Wordless Wed. picture. Sorry J. We like your choices too but appreciate the "entertainment value & voice" of AL. The fact that he looks like a cross between Teen Wolf, Edmond the vampire and Elvis makes him a little creepy but he's MAN Pretty as Kelso used to say on the 70's show. He amuses us.

No results of my MRI. I figure I'll get them next week when I pay the $40 co-pay for the Ortho Dr. to tell me I need PT. Since I can't afford the $40 a pop PT visits, not sure what I'm gonna do. A co-worker brought me her "Pully" system that she used for PT on her shoulder. If he says that's what I need, that's what I'm gonna use. Doubt he'll suggest surgery and not really sure what I'd do it he did.

I'm avoiding a TON of work on my desk so guess I better get going. Hoping for rain without the bad weather my niece and her area have been getting. Just a nice soaking would be nice.

Til later...


Jenn(ifer) said...

My co-worker really likes Adam. She & her DD saw him in ATL when he was performing in WICKED. I read your description of him and she said, "She hit the nail on the head!" lol

Loretta said...

So, how did the sleep study go? I never have understood how one of those could work--especially for an insomniac like me who worries that one day I'll need surgery and NOTHING will put me to sleep, lol.