Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Classic Live TV and other stuff

We had the retirement party for my co-worker yesterday and I finished the scrapbook about two hours before the event. It turned out nice..not as fancy as it could have been but they seemed pleased. She is a sweet lady and she really liked it so that's all that mattered.

Who saw AI last night? If you missed the LIVE train wreck of Paula missed an event!! Thank goodness for DVRs as we could replay it over and over to be sure we were hearing her right. The best part was when Ryan Seacrest turned and looked off stage like he was checking to see if he was the only one hearing what she was saying or should they go to commercial. EXCELLENT!!!

May starts tomorrow and that means the SY retreat is a couple weeks away. WAHOO. I may not accomplish anything but it promises to be a hoot. Not to mention our "traditional" trek to Ocala for Hobby Lobby & their great deals.

May also means a new month of Specials so check out my SLaH website.

Started taking my Water Pill and except for going to the bathroom alot more often, not sure it is working. I have been trying to keep my BP under control but got a couple pieces of news that threatened to send it over board. I won't discuss here as it will re-upset me. Nothing drastic. Work stuff....PHONE DUTY..and another bit of news that disturbed me. Looks like I will be having my MRI on Friday and my follow up next week. I'll keep you posted.

I'll leave you with this thought......

How to use 'Your IRS Rebate Check

As you may have heard, the Administration said each of us would get a rebate check to stimulate the economy. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China..If we spend it on gasoline, it will go to the Arabs; if we purchase a computer it will go to India; if we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala; if we purchase a good car it will go to Japan; if we purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan; and none of it will help the American economy.We need to keep that money here in AMERICA. The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it at yard sales, since those are the only U. S. owned and operated businesses still in operation.

You could also buy some of my stuff....LOL

Til later.............

Monday, April 28, 2008

Punch update

Yes, the name of the punch is actually "Threading Water" by Fiskars. Odd name but I can kinda see where it came from. $9.99 if you can find it at Target. When JoAnna & Mikes get them in you could use your coupons and get it for about the same as Target. The picture is what the scallop looks like. You can see a card made with the punch on this blog.
Til later............

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yard sale scores, Dr update and more

This will be another long catch up post so if you are short on time...turn away.

First, the doctor saga update. I went to the Cardiologist appointment Thursday. My BP was slightly high. They did an EKG and it was normal. The doctor suggested an MRI to rule out constriction in the kidney as that may explain the increase in blood pressure. There is a very slight chance that is the case but he wants to rule it out. He also suggested changing my AM blood pressure med for a combo pill that has Calcium blockers.

Next I went to the GP that afternoon and when they took my BP it was 40 points lower than it had been at the previous appointment. ??? The "Doctor" was a PA in training and so I kept waiting to see what she was going to say about my "contacting the office/high pressure/wait til we see you". She said that my UTI seemed cleared and basically I got the feeling that if I hadn't finally said something, I would have walked out of the office w/o anything being said or done. I finally told her that I was really concerned that after I contacted the office, no one seemed concerned and that I felt the BP reading when I first arrived was wrong. She checked my BP , in both arms and it was closer to what it had been at the first appointment..40+ points different than when I arrived at her office. She went off and spoke with the doctor and came back to say they didn't feel the readings I sent were "Life threatening" and felt I could wait until the appointment to be seen. I asked what the numbers needed to be to get some reaction but she never had an answer for that. She said they wanted to add a "Water Pill" to the meds I was already taking and we'd see if that helped.

Bottom line:
1. I will have the MRI the cardiologist wants me to have.
2. I filled the Water Pill instead of the Dual pill due to cost. I'll add the water pill to the original BP pill and see if it helps.

I have a follow up appointment with the Cardiologist soon so we'll see if it works. If not then my GP said there is a combo pill they want to try. It is cheaper than the one the CARDIO doc prescribed.

Yes I know I shouldn't let finances dictate my health care. However, if the water pill works why spend 4 times as much?!

Thanks for your concern. I'll let you know what happens.

Now for the weekend update...

Friday night a few of us got together and cropped. Well, two of us cropped..LOL. (Hi ScrapYard Gals) I worked on the scrapbook for my co-worker. Got it all done except for the final touches.

Saturday morning I decided to go "Sale-ing" but with the plan to hand out business cards. Several "high income" neighborhoods were having sales so I figured it would be a great opportunity to do"marketing". I gave out about 20+ cards and got some great deals.

After the sales I headed across town to Joanns to spend the gift certificate I got from my team. I picked up a few things that I've been looking at but never buy. I ended up spending $23 over my GC. I finally got one of those "True lite" lights. Looking forward to trying that.

On the way home I remembered there is a new Super Target in town so I drove over. We've all been looking for a Fiskars punch that is a "Scallop w/hole" and it is hard to find. Someone had heard Targets new scrapbooking section carried them but were out of stock. I'd already checked several and no luck. I called my friend, DW, for directions to the store and she met me for some shopping therapy. I got there first and FOUND THE PUNCH!!!! Unfortunately, there was only one. DW was understanding...I think...LOL.

Sunday has been a nice day with DH. I did run by Kmart & Walmart for my RX and some household stuff. Came home and watched Nascar and worked on my SLaH stuff. Now it's TV and getting ready to call it a night.

How was your weekend??

Til later.................

Friday, April 25, 2008

27 years ago today

I fell completely in love for the second time in my life. My niece Jenna was born 27 years ago today. There are a thousand things I could tell you about her and what she has over come but I won't. I just want to celebrate her special day and tell her, again, how very much she is loved and how extremely proud we are of her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most wonderful girl I know (besides my DD). I hope you feel the HUGS we are sending. Enjoy your day.

Til later.............

BTW, I will update on the doctor visits soon. "Clear as mud" should give you a clue.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long boring catch up post

If you have been waiting patiently by your computer screen for an update from it comes.

If you could care less....why are you even reading this?

Click away now.

Save your self!

OK, anyone that is still we go.

Saturday I was a vendor for a Private school fundraiser. I made the "Boy" go with me to help set up the tent. He did a fair job with the unpacking/set up & then went off to play on the inflatable bounce house they had.

The attendance was fair, lots of little kids and their parents. I gave away hourly door prizes to create interest and try and draw people to the display. No orders resulted at the event but I have contacted the "winners" and hope to get alittle something by the end of the week.

When it was time to fold up the tent, DS's interest in helping was over. The child that NEVER goes outside had been out of doors for over 6 hours. His pristine white skin was bordering on RED. Lets just say, the two friends that had the misfortune to call to see how things had gone heard the sounds of a very tired-frazzled mom trying to get her son to fold up a tent before she lost the rest of her mind! Sorry Nic/Cami!

We got home and had a couple hours to recover before it was time to take the boy to his Karate sleepover. He decided not to take anything but his phone (in case of emergencies) and a pillow. I dropped him off, said I'd be back in the morning and headed for my friends house for Bunco.

Well, it was supposed to be Bunco. We aren't having the best of luck with our Bunco nights. Only 4 of us, plus our Hostess were able to attend. We ended up bringing scrapbooking stuff to work on, just in case. What we ended up doing was talking for several hours and then we "moved pieces of paper". I finally left so I could get home before I fell asleep on her floor.

The next morning I got to the Karate house by 7:55 to pick up the boy. Child had the nerve to ask why I was "early"? Are you kidding me? I'm two seconds away passing out from exhaustion and you are giving me crap for being 5 minutes early?

Seriously!!! (Btw----BACK TONIGHT FINALLY!!!!!)

*****SIDE BAR**** A huge shout out to my friend DW for taking my scrapbooking stuff and trying to sell it at her yard sale. I know it may not have sold but I really appreciate that she tried!! HUGS to the bestest friend!!!!*********

Brought the boy home and had a couple hours to watch Sunday Morning with DH before leaving for my Southern Living at Home party.

Turned out to be a great Party. The Hostess was a friend of a friend and had a great turn out. I was very excited by the amount of FREE products she qualified for. We are scheduled to close out her party later today. I love being able to tell a Hostess how much she will be getting for just having a few friends over. It's so much fun.

Update on my Blood has continued to be high. I called my GP on Monday to see why they hadn't responded to the list of readings I had sent on Thursday. First she said there was no cover sheet so they didn't have any contact information. ??? Isn't that in my chart? She said they just put it in my chart & figured they would see me at my appointment this week. I told her my concern about the high numbers and thought the doctor might want to see me sooner than my appointment. She said she'd talk to the Dr. and call me back. She called back later and told me the doctor said, "Give the medication time to work and we'll discuss it on Thursday at your appointment". ????? I reminded her that my blood pressure meds were NOT NEW. My DH later suggested he had been talking about the "Headache" meds I'd been given. What ever! I got on the phone and made an appointment with a Cardiologist. I figured it was time to see a specialist if my GP wasn't concerned about me stroking out.

Guess when the first available appointment was?


Anyone guessing THURSDAY would be correct.

Ironic isn't it? Not really if you know my life. So I have an appointment with the Cardiologist this morning and my GP this afternoon. I think it will be interesting to see what each one has to say. Oh, in case you are wondering....yes my GP knows I made the appointment with the specialist. I'm curious to see what they have to say about that.

So, that brings us to last night. We had the VP of sales for Southern Living at Home at a meeting in Lakeland. What a speaker. My DH says my son talks to fast. OMG. Jerry (the VP-not my DS) can say an hour worth of words in 10 minutes. He admits it. He is very interesting and his love of the company and our products is infectious. Four of us car pooled and it was fun picking each others brain. I even WON SOMETHING!!! I never win so it was pretty cool.

Now it's Thursday and I have both of my Doctor appointments.

Guess I should get a little work done first, especially since I didn't bring the boy to work with me. (UPDATE..I just realized I didn't tell you the "Take your kid to work story" . Sorry. I didn't know it was TYKW day so DS went to school instead of coming here to help me. He actually said he'd rather go to work with my DH. LOL. That's really funny if you know my family.)

So back to the doctor appointment ......I'll try and update the results later.

So how are you all doing?? Have you been reading TRICIA blog? She did get released from the hospital the last time I checked. How cool is that?

Till later...............

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday time warp

I know it has been SEVERAL days since I posted but, if we review, I did warn you. I have tons to share/bore you with but can't right now. I thought I'd at least let you know that I'm still alive, no thanks to my doctor...a whole nother story....but super busy and still feeling like crap-o-la. No time or energy to give a post that is worthy of my many-couple-one fan.

I will try later today but have 50+ phone calls to make tonight if my head and nerve hold up.

AI tonight. WAHOO.

Til later.....................

PS.. In case you missed the news-TRICIA was scheduled to be released from the hospital today. How incredible is that? WOW!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pop up tents & sleep overs

I was talking to my co-worker about our weekend plans and we both have so much to do, we got exhausted just thinking about it. This may be my only post until next week so here goes......

Blood pressure still high. I faxed the weeks readings to my doctors office late yesterday and haven't heard from anyone yet. Guess they aren't concerned I will stroke out any second.

My DS had his "Bump" removed yesterday. He did great for a kid that doesn't handle doctors or medical stuff well. He did cry alittle when they told him what they were going to do and when they gave him the numbing shot but then the procedure was over before he knew it. He was more upset by having to take his shirt off and letting the doctor check him for other spots/etc. He DOESN'T like to have people look at him with his clothes off. Apparently the rest of him was fine so that was good news. The "bump" turned out to be a cluster of cells that formed and they cut it right off & then cauterized (spelling??). They said the smell from that was AWFUL! Glad I missed it. They sent "Steve" off for testing but that is routine.

Steve?? Didn't I mention that we had named his spot? I wanted to call it BOB because it looked like a BOB to me. DS decided he wanted to call it Steve. Not sure why & it had nothing to do with my BIL.

Yes, we are weird like that. Doesn't everyone name their body parts?

I have decided instead of the Scrapbooking Yard sale on Saturday I am going to be a vendor for a School Fundraiser. Since it is outside, I broke down and bought one of the "pop up tents". I actually bought two of them so we could see which one was better and easier to use. My DS and I did the practice run last night, setting up each one in the front yard. We learned several things...
1. Price DOES matter. The more expensive one was MUCH better made and much easier to put up.
2. When they say it is a one person operation, they lie. The instructions show two people and it really took both of us to get it set up. It is easy enough to take down by yourself but it really helps to have two on the set up.
3. My DS is less patient than I am. He also doesn't read directions very well. We did manage to figure things out and will be better prepared for the actual event.
4. Because of #2, my DS will be joining me for the event tomorrow. He is not happy about getting up so early on a Saturday but sorry..I hardly ever ask for anything and I need his help. Once we are set up he can go off and enjoy the carnival/bouncy house/food..etc. Come to think of it, this is going to cost me a fortune. I sure hope I get sales/leads/parties out of this.

Saturday night my DS has a sleep over at his Karate school. After I drop him off I'll head to my friends house for what is supposed to be a night of BUNCO. Sounds like there aren't enough people coming so we may just crop &/or talk. Sounds good to me. Hopefully I won't fall asleep on the floor.

Sunday morning I have to pick up the boy at 8am (ARG!!!!) from his sleep over. He will probably come home and go to bed for the day but I have to stay up because I have a SLAH party at 2pm that afternoon. I'm looking forward to the party and the hostess sounds excited to have her friends over. I'm hoping she has a good turn out and qualifies for a ton of great stuff.

Sunday night I will enter what ever orders I've gotten over the weekend and then collapse!

What are your plans?? My mom is getting her house painted, YEAH!!! My sister will be at a Crop. My DH has no NASCAR but has alot of CSI's recorded so he shouldn't miss me to much.

No word on my neighbor that had the tests run this week but I saw him in another neighbors yard last night, swinging a Golf club. Hope that means things went well. Speaking of illness, I just read that another friends mom is in the end stages of cancer. Damn disease. Another co-worker just confirmed that she has been out because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to take a leave of absence while she went through the initial treatments. My other co-worker is scheduled for her last round of Chemo and them will start her radiation treatments.

On a brighter note, check out TRICIA's blog. Sounds like she is doing good so far and Gwen is growing and amazing all the doctors. I'm sure they would appreciate continued prayers as they are far from out of the woods completely.

If I have depressed you to much, scroll down and smell Andy's little head. Nothing like a newborn to give a person hope.

Til later...............................

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meet Andy

I had the pleasure of meeting my friends new baby today. He was finally delivered on 4/16 after 26 hours of labor and many, many doses of drugs!

New baby smell.....YUM!!! Over look the wild is my first moment with my littlest neighbor.

Here is a better picture of his sweet face. He looks exactly like his Dad!

Lastly, here is the happy family......

Congrats!!!! Welcome to the world. I'm looking forward to taking walks with you and your mom as we work off "her" baby weight.
Til later..............

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Foot in mouth & Big Balls

I really need to learn to keep my big mouth shut. We had a meeting of the "Support Staff". NO ONE will speak up and say what is wrong or bothering them.

Except me.

Unfortunately, I started my "speech" by saying that "I was the only one with big enough BALLS to say what they thought" . I said my peace and then left the meeting, explaining that my blood pressure was about to burst and that I needed to go pick up my mother. Talk about an exit.

Moving blood pressure has been consistently high. Nurses are scolding me. My headache is better but I feel "off" because of the BP.

DD has stress and I don't know what to do. Anyone have a magic wand or a truck load of $$?

I just got word that one of my friends is headed to the hospital for the possible delivery of her son. On the day she was moving to the house next door to me. Great timing Andy!

Another neighbor is in the hospital while they run tests to see what is wrong with him. They suspect Lou Gehrig's Disease. If you are inclined, please remember this family in your prayers.

I'm going to go eat now since it is almost 3pm and I haven't had lunch.

How you doing???? AI tonight. WAHOO.

Til later...................

Monday, April 14, 2008

April cold snap

We are experiencing a slight cold snap. Well, it's cold for us wimpy Floridians. Should be back to normal by the weekend. I hope it's not to hot Saturday because I'm going to try, once again, to rid myself of some of my excess Scrapbooking stash. My DD gal pals and I will be set up at a scrapbooking/rubberstamping Yard Sale to benefit the American Cancer Society. I went as a buyer last year and found some fantastic deals. I'm hoping to SELL and not buy this year. If you are in the North Tampa area and want more details, email me & I'll fill you in on the exact location.

How was your weekend? I guess I missed a visit by my NY Aunt but I was so out of it I couldn't even call to check. Sorry Aunt Mary. Hope you had a nice visit and safe trip back home.

Friday, as I may have told you, I stayed home from work to try & rid myself of the dreaded headache. Pills are working. I felt better. I had a hair appointment on Friday afternoon and felt well enough to go and didn't come out feeling like the sledge hammer was back. Spent most of Friday working on my "Project board" for my vendor events. Good thing I wasn't being judged for a grade cause I would have failed or at least gotten a "C". I will post pictures tonight of the set up. If you don't look to closely the board looked good. It at least did it's job of attracting attention to my booth.

Saturday bright and early I headed out to my first Vending event at a local church. Thankfully they had teenagers available to help carry in stuff so I didn't get worn out right off the bat. They had my table set up JUST inside the front door so visibility was good. Problem was they had me next to the storage closet and apparently it was full of cleaning products. The smell drove me crazy all day but thanks to my new pills I managed to keep a full blown headache away. Another small problem was they kept the front doors open all day so the people could come in and it made it Hot!!!! I passed out a lot of catalogs and business cards but didn't get any orders or parties booked. Guess we'll see if anyone calls later.

The second event was at the local YMCA. I went straight from the church to the Y and after a bit of a wait for a dolly I got unloaded and set up. I borrowed a second small table so my display was alittle better than at the church. I made "door prize" drawings that I gave out through out the night but made a GRAVE error in what I put as "prizes". I should have offered a dollar amount off any sale placed at the event. Instead I offered % discounts, free shipping and Hostess money with a party booked. Good idea at the time but as luck would have it the only person that placed an order was the person that got the largest discount so I got -0- on the sale. Hopefully she will be a repeat customer or book a party in the future. I DID get a booking for May. I also got everyone to fill out customer cards so I could add them to my data base. It was a learning experience since it was my first vendor event. I will do some things differently on the next event. I liked my display and got several compliments on it so something came together.

I got home after 1:30Am and went straight to bed. I didn't wake up until 11am and the rest of the day was a slug! EVERY muscle in my body hurt from all the work leading up to the events and all the standing & getting up & down from my chair on Saturday. Thankfully it was a rainy day so I sat on the sofa with my DH and watched Nascar, read emails & blogs and updated my Database with the new information. When DS returned from his dads I had him help me unload the car. Now to rest up for NEXT weekend.

Since I missed work on Friday I really should see what they have waiting for me. I heard we are admitting another kid in our program and that means paperwork. I also have PHONE DUTY today. You know I love that!

Hope everyone is well and has a nice day.

Til later...................

Friday, April 11, 2008

Medical Lesson

The following may be TMI for my male readers so I will give you a second to click away.......
First, thanks so much for your kind words of sympathy. Yesterday was very painful and enough that even I agreed to call the doctor. I kind of felt stupid saying I needed to be seen because I had a headache but they gave me an appointment for mid-afternoon. In case you don't know it, I work with 90 nurses and we have a clinic on the first floor of our building. Mid morning one of the nurses insisted I go to the clinic and get my BP checked. It was 189 over 80ish. Yes, a little high for someone on two BP medications. I called the doctors office and told them and tried to get in earlier. The office was at lunch and she said they would call me back if I could get fit in before my appointment.

No call.

I went at my appointment time and got called in rather quickly (thankfully since there was a delightful child running around the lobby while her dad talked on the cell phone) The girl took my BP and it was a "normal" 120ish over something normal. I found that interesting since it took her all of 2 seconds to get the reading, the cuff was not even all the way inflated.

They put me in a room and I closed my eyes to wait for the doctor and she came right in & asked me for a Urine sample and said they were going to retake my BP, on both arms. Urine sample?? Hold that thought.

A nurse came in and took my BP. It was 150 ish on one arm & 180ish on the other. I told her about my concern at the reading the gal got at the front & suggested she may not have been accurate????

The doctor/PA came in & told me that she had confirmed I had a Urinary infection and that was causing my headache.


She said she'd never heard of it until she started working at that office and the head doctor told her and she has now seen it enough to believe it. When someone "presents" and their only symptom is a headache that isn't responding to any medications, they have discovered the patient may have a Urinary infection even though they have none of the usual symptoms.

How Odd! She gave me a script for the infection (FREE at Publix) and another for the headache. We also discussed my BP meds, which order I take them and she wants me to take readings twice a day for the next two weeks. At that time we will address whether I need a change in medication or dose. In the mean time my headache is alittle better today but I've stayed home to avoid it going back to where it was yesterday.

I have to tell you how wonderful my DH was yesterday. Every time I called him, he spoke really softly and finished most of my sentences so I wouldn't have to talk much. When I got home, he had covered the bedroom windows with cardboard and quilts to help darken the room. He had a drink on the nightstand and a little bag of crackers in case the medication upset my stomach. He had rolled up towels to block the light from the cracks under the doors and made sure the TV in the living room was muted. He even made dinner and had a plate wrapped in foil waiting for me when I came out early evening. So sweet!!!

I need to get ready for my events tomorrow so I'm going to take it easy today and rest in between so my headache keeps to a dull roar. I have a HUGE, long day tomorrow so really need the meds to start working.

Thanks again for all your sweet comments. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. BTW, thanks for NO ONE agreeing that loosing weight would help. While I am very fluffy, I do not have 100 lbs to loose. Close but not 100. LOL

BTW, who else was stunned by AI last night? We really thought Ryan was cruel to give the boy hope (talking about last year and how they didn't eliminate anyone during AI Gives Back) and then WHAM! BYE BYE!
Getting interesting. It's apparently any ones game.

Til later.......................

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can your head ACTUALLY split off your shoulders

or does it just feel that way? I'm in day four or five of a splitting headache. I have headaches just about everyday, just under the surface but this has been a STABBING, knife in temple one that will not go away. I've been taking sinus pills like a fiend and it hasn't really been helping much. I switched to Excedrine Migraine and cold packs last night. Helped alittle but it's back & I'm at work and people won't stop talking! My sister has real Migraines and I can't imagine how that feels. My DH has gotten to the point where he wants me to see my doctor. Not sure what they can do for me. Maybe loose 100 lbs and then my BP would go down and that might help? Stop drinking Coffee all day?? Suggestions?

The headache was a real pain last night as I need to work on my display for the Vendor events I have on Saturday. I have an idea but can't even sketch it out right now with my head hurting like it is. Anyone creative want to come over and help me?

Enough whinning. I'm going to go check a couple blogs & try & get some work done.

Til later...........

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Catch up pictures

Why is it that when I can sleep late, I wake up and can't go back to dreamland? The boy is at his dads, it's his spring break so no school and yet I woke up at 6am and couldn't relax enough to catch a few more ZZZZ's. Rather than risk waking my DH, I decided to get up and load a few pictures I've been promising. Yes, I risk falling asleep mid afternoon so that you can look at the following......

First up is a card I made for the recent Baby Shower. My friend DT was with me when I got the "bootie" stamp and told me she wanted a card made from it. I stamped the image with Black Stazon on a piece of "Anna Griffin" blue card stock. Cut the slits for the ribbon and then laced a piece of white ribbon through the holes. Here is a close up.

I know it's not Christmas but this is the Santa I told you about from the weekend.

The Santa Salt & Pepper shakers & some Vintage Christmas houses. I LOVE these.

A shot of my MESS of a scrapbook room and the Storage containers I got a few weekends ago..$3 each!! ....Plus the ONE DOLLAR baskets:

The most beautiful Plant Hanger in the world....

Oh yeah....the FIRST shot is what my 13 year old teenager looks like most of the time....

Hope you enjoyed the visuals for today. It is officially time for me to get up and get moving. Have a great day.

Til later...........................

Monday, April 7, 2008

We have a teenager in the house

How can that be? Oh my! Actually it's ok, so far. DS turns 13 today ...officially at 7:07 pm but who's counting? We spent a quiet weekend because we were kinda waiting for a kid to call about coming over and because it rained off and on and then ON all weekend. We did take the boy to Lupper (it was mid afternoon...that is Lunch & Supper smooshed together) and had a nice time. Ironically they sat a little baby right next to us...of all the empty seats in the place..that is funny if you remember the last time we went to dinner for our "mother-son" time. It turned out fine. His Dad is coming by tonight to take him to dinner and so he can stay with him for a couple days while he's on Spring Break. I'm going to duck out of work a little early (shhhhhh) so I can see him before he leaves. I left him a note on his bathroom mirror since he was asleep when I left for work.

I did get out to the sales on Saturday. The Church sale ended up being great! Got a huge box of stuff for cheap. Most of it is stuff I think I'll sell on Ebay but probably will add to the rest of the stuff I need to sell on Ebay. LOL. The neighborhood sale wasn't as good as last time. I only spent .75 cents. I did find an Estate sale later in the morning that was the mother lode of Christmas collectables. Anyone that has seen my Christmas cabinet knows I do not need another thing BUT when you find a HARD TO FIND, 1950's plastic Santa holding his ORIGINAL SACK OF TOYS with the toys still in it and his Original Rabbit fur still a box with some other good stuff and you get it and a big wooden box for your DH'..for $ MUST buy it. I took pictures but the DS was on the computer all weekend so they didn't get loaded. Check back over the next few days and I'll try and get some on.

Did some organizing of SLaH paperwork & business supplies, organized most of my rhinestones and made my DS an accordion Birthday card and that was my weekend.

How about you? This coming weekend I am a Vendor in two events on the same day so I may sleep all day Sunday! If you are in the area, contact me and I'll fill you in on the location of the Spring Bazaar I'm doing in the morning. There are about 10-15 vendors scheduled to be set up so there should be something for everyone.

Work calls and it won't shut up. Better run. Checked out Tricia's blog and she has been breathing on her own and walking around. WOW. Nate mentioned having broken ribs and how painful that is and how much more it took for her surgery. Having lived through three broken ribs myself and the painful healing process, She is my hero for MANY reasons.

Til later.........................

Friday, April 4, 2008

Before it's May

I thought I'd try and catch up with the goings on the last few days/weeks. Half the people I read have been on vacation so they haven't been blogging either, except Kip. Good old Kip Blogs from anywhere! LOVE the pics this morning of the ship. Looks like a great place.

OK, what's been happening? I will ramble in no particular order so hang on.....

Last weekend was the Baby shower I told you about and then the Housewarming/Southern Living at Home party at my dear friends house. Her house is DARLING and so "her". It is an older house and is perfectly decorated in vintage style. She collects alot of the same stuff I love so I walked around with my mouth hanging open most of the time. LOVED IT. Her sister was down and is a delight. Hi T!!! We had a great turn out as everyone loves P. The only people invited that didn't show were at a "Adoption celebration" party for my boss, at another party or sick. Her friends did her proud and we were able to get her EVERYTHING on her wish list. She was so surprised and touched. Silly gal. We'd do anything for her.

My DS got his report card on Wed. Back track....he'd been begging us to download some cheat thing for the computer game he plays. I researched it & had almost decided to allow him to do it but wanted to see his grades first. Luckily for us (and last year-unfortunately for my DS) we can go on line and see his grades at any time. I went on line and the first thing I saw was a "D" in Math where he'd had an "A" last time. !!!!!! I calmly, seriously-calmly, looked further and realized the grades were what had been posted already for the NEXT quarter and the "D" was a result of him missing a homework assignment on the day he'd come home sick. He went to school the next day, turned in his work and when we got the report card his teacher had hand written on it that his grade, as of that day, was now a 97%. LOL. Think the DS said something to his teacher about his grades? His official grades for the 3rd nine weeks were all A's & B's!! YEAH.

So yes, we let him load the cheat thing and after a few hours he came back out and told us it was a "rip off" and didn't really work. Another lesson learned, not everything you think you HAVE to have is worth it in the end.

My DH had his follow up with the Ortho and got dismissed. He didn't even have to give the dr his excuse for not going to PT. The Dr. said he didn't care as he was doing so well.

I signed up for the SlaH convention yesterday. My up-line has reserved our room, we've had our plane reservations for a month so now we just have to wait til June. They are giving away some amazing prizes at convention that are drawn from all "parties" held between now and then. I have a snow balls chance of winning but anyone holding a qualifying party of $500 or referring someone that has a qualifying party will get a gift from me. The Hostess and customer specials in April & May are UNREAL. Check the website and let me know when we can get together. Here is a sneak peak of one of the fantastic deals in April

It is normally $44.95 and a qualifying Hostess can purchase it for $12.95! That's 70% off.

This weekend is up in the air. My DS turns 13 (!!!!!!!) on Monday. We are trying to plan a sleepover and or a "fieldtrip" event but the attendees and the weather are up in the air. We've already discussed possibly doing the event later in the month. He asked for a NANO but he never listens to music. ??? He is so silly!

I'm hoping the weather holds in the am as one of my favorite communities is holding their yard sales tomorrow. I read that a local church is also having a sale so hope to hit that as well.

Starting next weekend my calendar is filling up fast. If you want to take advantage of those me ASAP to secure your date. I'm going to be a vendor at several events this month, plus a few of us are taking part in a "Scrapbooking Yard sale". If you are in the area and want more information on some local events, contact me & I'll fill you in.

Looks like Tricia is doing good so far. I checked the blog last night before I went to bed and first thing this morning. Nate hasn't posted much but his dad has been keeping us up to date on his Blog. He said she was sitting in a chair late yesterday and she had walked to it! She still has a long road ahead of her so please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

A dear friend of mine is having a birthday this weekend and will be celebrating in the Keys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my DD gals. BTW, your check is in the mail. LOL. ****I'm so sorry...BOTH my DD gals are having birthdays this weekend. Hope my "mama to be" has a great day too!!

Hope you all are looking forward to a great weekend. I'll post if I can. In the mean time I want to leave you with a picture of my DH's new love.

I would normally NEVER pay $40 for a trash can but my DH never asks for anything and since I usually buy stuff at the Yard sales or Wally World..not to mention the amount of $$$ I spend on my hobby...I figured the least I could do is buy him his hearts desire. I swear he was so happy you would think it could cook & clean for him. LOL. I hadn't seen him that excited by a product since the week before when he got his Planters from SLaH. I seriously thought he was going to sleep with it!

My sister apparently arrived home safely after her cruise. I haven't heard any of her stories but have read some from one of her cabin mates. I would link a picture from Kips blog but it isn't the most flattering. LOL.

Til later.....................

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Prayers for Tricia

I have been to busy to blog and still don't have much time. I missed reading the blogs the last few days too and just found out some wonderful news...If you have been following the CF husband, they performed the double lung transplant last night and she just came out of surgery.

Please say a prayer for Tricia, Nate & Gwen and for the family that is grieving the loss of their family member that gave their lungs. She is not out the ICU yet so it will be a while before we know anything more.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to the last link on the left under Blogs I read.

Til later.....praise be to God.