Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long boring catch up post

If you have been waiting patiently by your computer screen for an update from it comes.

If you could care less....why are you even reading this?

Click away now.

Save your self!

OK, anyone that is still we go.

Saturday I was a vendor for a Private school fundraiser. I made the "Boy" go with me to help set up the tent. He did a fair job with the unpacking/set up & then went off to play on the inflatable bounce house they had.

The attendance was fair, lots of little kids and their parents. I gave away hourly door prizes to create interest and try and draw people to the display. No orders resulted at the event but I have contacted the "winners" and hope to get alittle something by the end of the week.

When it was time to fold up the tent, DS's interest in helping was over. The child that NEVER goes outside had been out of doors for over 6 hours. His pristine white skin was bordering on RED. Lets just say, the two friends that had the misfortune to call to see how things had gone heard the sounds of a very tired-frazzled mom trying to get her son to fold up a tent before she lost the rest of her mind! Sorry Nic/Cami!

We got home and had a couple hours to recover before it was time to take the boy to his Karate sleepover. He decided not to take anything but his phone (in case of emergencies) and a pillow. I dropped him off, said I'd be back in the morning and headed for my friends house for Bunco.

Well, it was supposed to be Bunco. We aren't having the best of luck with our Bunco nights. Only 4 of us, plus our Hostess were able to attend. We ended up bringing scrapbooking stuff to work on, just in case. What we ended up doing was talking for several hours and then we "moved pieces of paper". I finally left so I could get home before I fell asleep on her floor.

The next morning I got to the Karate house by 7:55 to pick up the boy. Child had the nerve to ask why I was "early"? Are you kidding me? I'm two seconds away passing out from exhaustion and you are giving me crap for being 5 minutes early?

Seriously!!! (Btw----BACK TONIGHT FINALLY!!!!!)

*****SIDE BAR**** A huge shout out to my friend DW for taking my scrapbooking stuff and trying to sell it at her yard sale. I know it may not have sold but I really appreciate that she tried!! HUGS to the bestest friend!!!!*********

Brought the boy home and had a couple hours to watch Sunday Morning with DH before leaving for my Southern Living at Home party.

Turned out to be a great Party. The Hostess was a friend of a friend and had a great turn out. I was very excited by the amount of FREE products she qualified for. We are scheduled to close out her party later today. I love being able to tell a Hostess how much she will be getting for just having a few friends over. It's so much fun.

Update on my Blood has continued to be high. I called my GP on Monday to see why they hadn't responded to the list of readings I had sent on Thursday. First she said there was no cover sheet so they didn't have any contact information. ??? Isn't that in my chart? She said they just put it in my chart & figured they would see me at my appointment this week. I told her my concern about the high numbers and thought the doctor might want to see me sooner than my appointment. She said she'd talk to the Dr. and call me back. She called back later and told me the doctor said, "Give the medication time to work and we'll discuss it on Thursday at your appointment". ????? I reminded her that my blood pressure meds were NOT NEW. My DH later suggested he had been talking about the "Headache" meds I'd been given. What ever! I got on the phone and made an appointment with a Cardiologist. I figured it was time to see a specialist if my GP wasn't concerned about me stroking out.

Guess when the first available appointment was?


Anyone guessing THURSDAY would be correct.

Ironic isn't it? Not really if you know my life. So I have an appointment with the Cardiologist this morning and my GP this afternoon. I think it will be interesting to see what each one has to say. Oh, in case you are wondering....yes my GP knows I made the appointment with the specialist. I'm curious to see what they have to say about that.

So, that brings us to last night. We had the VP of sales for Southern Living at Home at a meeting in Lakeland. What a speaker. My DH says my son talks to fast. OMG. Jerry (the VP-not my DS) can say an hour worth of words in 10 minutes. He admits it. He is very interesting and his love of the company and our products is infectious. Four of us car pooled and it was fun picking each others brain. I even WON SOMETHING!!! I never win so it was pretty cool.

Now it's Thursday and I have both of my Doctor appointments.

Guess I should get a little work done first, especially since I didn't bring the boy to work with me. (UPDATE..I just realized I didn't tell you the "Take your kid to work story" . Sorry. I didn't know it was TYKW day so DS went to school instead of coming here to help me. He actually said he'd rather go to work with my DH. LOL. That's really funny if you know my family.)

So back to the doctor appointment ......I'll try and update the results later.

So how are you all doing?? Have you been reading TRICIA blog? She did get released from the hospital the last time I checked. How cool is that?

Till later...............


Jenn(ifer) said...

Good Update. Btw, YOU DO WIN!! You have the best luck in this family. I recall a few posts a long time ago at a Scrapbooking even that you won some prizes. Neener Neener! I remember!

I hope your appointments go good and you get positive news.

Loretta said...

I hope you get good results today; it's unconscionable that your GP is so uncaring about your blood pressure, given your long history of it. My doctors flip OUT when mine is up.

Oh, I remember the days of having to see my medical oncologist, my radiation oncologist, my surgeon, and my primary care physician all in the same day! For most of 2005 & 2006, I felt like I ought to just go live at the cancer center.

Btw, you know I've had really bad problems with my b/p for years and have been on nearly every pill there is for hypertension--even a patch once. A few months ago, my doctor switched me to lisinopril, which I get for $4 at Walmart. My b/p stays around 114/62 most of the time and never goes above 120/68. Weird, huh?

deirdre said...

well i will be looking for an update from you about the doctor appts today. best wishes!

Denise said...

Great update. Aren't kids fun? Glad it seems he had a good time.

Doctors, argh! I hope you got some answers yesterday or will REAL soon. Thinking of you, hugs hun.

Wish I could be at LB tonite.

Kip said...

hope you get the bp issues worked out...Dr's drive you nuts sometimes, don't they?
I would have told ds that there would have been so karate sleepover if he didn't get his butt in gear and fold up the're much nicer than I am, lol!

Kip said...

that should have been NO, not SO!