Monday, April 14, 2008

April cold snap

We are experiencing a slight cold snap. Well, it's cold for us wimpy Floridians. Should be back to normal by the weekend. I hope it's not to hot Saturday because I'm going to try, once again, to rid myself of some of my excess Scrapbooking stash. My DD gal pals and I will be set up at a scrapbooking/rubberstamping Yard Sale to benefit the American Cancer Society. I went as a buyer last year and found some fantastic deals. I'm hoping to SELL and not buy this year. If you are in the North Tampa area and want more details, email me & I'll fill you in on the exact location.

How was your weekend? I guess I missed a visit by my NY Aunt but I was so out of it I couldn't even call to check. Sorry Aunt Mary. Hope you had a nice visit and safe trip back home.

Friday, as I may have told you, I stayed home from work to try & rid myself of the dreaded headache. Pills are working. I felt better. I had a hair appointment on Friday afternoon and felt well enough to go and didn't come out feeling like the sledge hammer was back. Spent most of Friday working on my "Project board" for my vendor events. Good thing I wasn't being judged for a grade cause I would have failed or at least gotten a "C". I will post pictures tonight of the set up. If you don't look to closely the board looked good. It at least did it's job of attracting attention to my booth.

Saturday bright and early I headed out to my first Vending event at a local church. Thankfully they had teenagers available to help carry in stuff so I didn't get worn out right off the bat. They had my table set up JUST inside the front door so visibility was good. Problem was they had me next to the storage closet and apparently it was full of cleaning products. The smell drove me crazy all day but thanks to my new pills I managed to keep a full blown headache away. Another small problem was they kept the front doors open all day so the people could come in and it made it Hot!!!! I passed out a lot of catalogs and business cards but didn't get any orders or parties booked. Guess we'll see if anyone calls later.

The second event was at the local YMCA. I went straight from the church to the Y and after a bit of a wait for a dolly I got unloaded and set up. I borrowed a second small table so my display was alittle better than at the church. I made "door prize" drawings that I gave out through out the night but made a GRAVE error in what I put as "prizes". I should have offered a dollar amount off any sale placed at the event. Instead I offered % discounts, free shipping and Hostess money with a party booked. Good idea at the time but as luck would have it the only person that placed an order was the person that got the largest discount so I got -0- on the sale. Hopefully she will be a repeat customer or book a party in the future. I DID get a booking for May. I also got everyone to fill out customer cards so I could add them to my data base. It was a learning experience since it was my first vendor event. I will do some things differently on the next event. I liked my display and got several compliments on it so something came together.

I got home after 1:30Am and went straight to bed. I didn't wake up until 11am and the rest of the day was a slug! EVERY muscle in my body hurt from all the work leading up to the events and all the standing & getting up & down from my chair on Saturday. Thankfully it was a rainy day so I sat on the sofa with my DH and watched Nascar, read emails & blogs and updated my Database with the new information. When DS returned from his dads I had him help me unload the car. Now to rest up for NEXT weekend.

Since I missed work on Friday I really should see what they have waiting for me. I heard we are admitting another kid in our program and that means paperwork. I also have PHONE DUTY today. You know I love that!

Hope everyone is well and has a nice day.

Til later...................


Denise said...

OMG girl, you weren't the only one hurting the next day. If I didn't know it, I'd think I worked out at the gym, not just carried 2 tables in and all my stuff into the Y to crop.

Hope your Monday was bearable and the rest of the week goes as smoothly.

See you Saturday!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Its cold here too! I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day. Did I wake up in Feb? Is it really April? I was FREEZING yesterday.