Friday, April 4, 2008

Before it's May

I thought I'd try and catch up with the goings on the last few days/weeks. Half the people I read have been on vacation so they haven't been blogging either, except Kip. Good old Kip Blogs from anywhere! LOVE the pics this morning of the ship. Looks like a great place.

OK, what's been happening? I will ramble in no particular order so hang on.....

Last weekend was the Baby shower I told you about and then the Housewarming/Southern Living at Home party at my dear friends house. Her house is DARLING and so "her". It is an older house and is perfectly decorated in vintage style. She collects alot of the same stuff I love so I walked around with my mouth hanging open most of the time. LOVED IT. Her sister was down and is a delight. Hi T!!! We had a great turn out as everyone loves P. The only people invited that didn't show were at a "Adoption celebration" party for my boss, at another party or sick. Her friends did her proud and we were able to get her EVERYTHING on her wish list. She was so surprised and touched. Silly gal. We'd do anything for her.

My DS got his report card on Wed. Back track....he'd been begging us to download some cheat thing for the computer game he plays. I researched it & had almost decided to allow him to do it but wanted to see his grades first. Luckily for us (and last year-unfortunately for my DS) we can go on line and see his grades at any time. I went on line and the first thing I saw was a "D" in Math where he'd had an "A" last time. !!!!!! I calmly, seriously-calmly, looked further and realized the grades were what had been posted already for the NEXT quarter and the "D" was a result of him missing a homework assignment on the day he'd come home sick. He went to school the next day, turned in his work and when we got the report card his teacher had hand written on it that his grade, as of that day, was now a 97%. LOL. Think the DS said something to his teacher about his grades? His official grades for the 3rd nine weeks were all A's & B's!! YEAH.

So yes, we let him load the cheat thing and after a few hours he came back out and told us it was a "rip off" and didn't really work. Another lesson learned, not everything you think you HAVE to have is worth it in the end.

My DH had his follow up with the Ortho and got dismissed. He didn't even have to give the dr his excuse for not going to PT. The Dr. said he didn't care as he was doing so well.

I signed up for the SlaH convention yesterday. My up-line has reserved our room, we've had our plane reservations for a month so now we just have to wait til June. They are giving away some amazing prizes at convention that are drawn from all "parties" held between now and then. I have a snow balls chance of winning but anyone holding a qualifying party of $500 or referring someone that has a qualifying party will get a gift from me. The Hostess and customer specials in April & May are UNREAL. Check the website and let me know when we can get together. Here is a sneak peak of one of the fantastic deals in April

It is normally $44.95 and a qualifying Hostess can purchase it for $12.95! That's 70% off.

This weekend is up in the air. My DS turns 13 (!!!!!!!) on Monday. We are trying to plan a sleepover and or a "fieldtrip" event but the attendees and the weather are up in the air. We've already discussed possibly doing the event later in the month. He asked for a NANO but he never listens to music. ??? He is so silly!

I'm hoping the weather holds in the am as one of my favorite communities is holding their yard sales tomorrow. I read that a local church is also having a sale so hope to hit that as well.

Starting next weekend my calendar is filling up fast. If you want to take advantage of those me ASAP to secure your date. I'm going to be a vendor at several events this month, plus a few of us are taking part in a "Scrapbooking Yard sale". If you are in the area and want more information on some local events, contact me & I'll fill you in.

Looks like Tricia is doing good so far. I checked the blog last night before I went to bed and first thing this morning. Nate hasn't posted much but his dad has been keeping us up to date on his Blog. He said she was sitting in a chair late yesterday and she had walked to it! She still has a long road ahead of her so please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

A dear friend of mine is having a birthday this weekend and will be celebrating in the Keys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my DD gals. BTW, your check is in the mail. LOL. ****I'm so sorry...BOTH my DD gals are having birthdays this weekend. Hope my "mama to be" has a great day too!!

Hope you all are looking forward to a great weekend. I'll post if I can. In the mean time I want to leave you with a picture of my DH's new love.

I would normally NEVER pay $40 for a trash can but my DH never asks for anything and since I usually buy stuff at the Yard sales or Wally World..not to mention the amount of $$$ I spend on my hobby...I figured the least I could do is buy him his hearts desire. I swear he was so happy you would think it could cook & clean for him. LOL. I hadn't seen him that excited by a product since the week before when he got his Planters from SLaH. I seriously thought he was going to sleep with it!

My sister apparently arrived home safely after her cruise. I haven't heard any of her stories but have read some from one of her cabin mates. I would link a picture from Kips blog but it isn't the most flattering. LOL.

Til later.....................

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I'm behind on this blog thing -- but I have a good reason. So, I'm catching up now. I didn't forget M's bday; so Happy Belated Bday from the GA Crew