Friday, April 18, 2008

Pop up tents & sleep overs

I was talking to my co-worker about our weekend plans and we both have so much to do, we got exhausted just thinking about it. This may be my only post until next week so here goes......

Blood pressure still high. I faxed the weeks readings to my doctors office late yesterday and haven't heard from anyone yet. Guess they aren't concerned I will stroke out any second.

My DS had his "Bump" removed yesterday. He did great for a kid that doesn't handle doctors or medical stuff well. He did cry alittle when they told him what they were going to do and when they gave him the numbing shot but then the procedure was over before he knew it. He was more upset by having to take his shirt off and letting the doctor check him for other spots/etc. He DOESN'T like to have people look at him with his clothes off. Apparently the rest of him was fine so that was good news. The "bump" turned out to be a cluster of cells that formed and they cut it right off & then cauterized (spelling??). They said the smell from that was AWFUL! Glad I missed it. They sent "Steve" off for testing but that is routine.

Steve?? Didn't I mention that we had named his spot? I wanted to call it BOB because it looked like a BOB to me. DS decided he wanted to call it Steve. Not sure why & it had nothing to do with my BIL.

Yes, we are weird like that. Doesn't everyone name their body parts?

I have decided instead of the Scrapbooking Yard sale on Saturday I am going to be a vendor for a School Fundraiser. Since it is outside, I broke down and bought one of the "pop up tents". I actually bought two of them so we could see which one was better and easier to use. My DS and I did the practice run last night, setting up each one in the front yard. We learned several things...
1. Price DOES matter. The more expensive one was MUCH better made and much easier to put up.
2. When they say it is a one person operation, they lie. The instructions show two people and it really took both of us to get it set up. It is easy enough to take down by yourself but it really helps to have two on the set up.
3. My DS is less patient than I am. He also doesn't read directions very well. We did manage to figure things out and will be better prepared for the actual event.
4. Because of #2, my DS will be joining me for the event tomorrow. He is not happy about getting up so early on a Saturday but sorry..I hardly ever ask for anything and I need his help. Once we are set up he can go off and enjoy the carnival/bouncy house/food..etc. Come to think of it, this is going to cost me a fortune. I sure hope I get sales/leads/parties out of this.

Saturday night my DS has a sleep over at his Karate school. After I drop him off I'll head to my friends house for what is supposed to be a night of BUNCO. Sounds like there aren't enough people coming so we may just crop &/or talk. Sounds good to me. Hopefully I won't fall asleep on the floor.

Sunday morning I have to pick up the boy at 8am (ARG!!!!) from his sleep over. He will probably come home and go to bed for the day but I have to stay up because I have a SLAH party at 2pm that afternoon. I'm looking forward to the party and the hostess sounds excited to have her friends over. I'm hoping she has a good turn out and qualifies for a ton of great stuff.

Sunday night I will enter what ever orders I've gotten over the weekend and then collapse!

What are your plans?? My mom is getting her house painted, YEAH!!! My sister will be at a Crop. My DH has no NASCAR but has alot of CSI's recorded so he shouldn't miss me to much.

No word on my neighbor that had the tests run this week but I saw him in another neighbors yard last night, swinging a Golf club. Hope that means things went well. Speaking of illness, I just read that another friends mom is in the end stages of cancer. Damn disease. Another co-worker just confirmed that she has been out because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to take a leave of absence while she went through the initial treatments. My other co-worker is scheduled for her last round of Chemo and them will start her radiation treatments.

On a brighter note, check out TRICIA's blog. Sounds like she is doing good so far and Gwen is growing and amazing all the doctors. I'm sure they would appreciate continued prayers as they are far from out of the woods completely.

If I have depressed you to much, scroll down and smell Andy's little head. Nothing like a newborn to give a person hope.

Til later...............................


Loretta said...

Glad all's well with the boy, and that "Steve" doesn't have anything to do with my DH, lol.

Yeah, we name body parts. Ever since my mastectomy, Betty has been lonesome for Wilma. When uncle Brad had his cancer, he wrote a poem about it, beginning with "My tumor's name is Mo...and Mo has gotta go!" LOL

Try not to run yourself ragged this weekend, okay?


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