Monday, April 7, 2008

We have a teenager in the house

How can that be? Oh my! Actually it's ok, so far. DS turns 13 today ...officially at 7:07 pm but who's counting? We spent a quiet weekend because we were kinda waiting for a kid to call about coming over and because it rained off and on and then ON all weekend. We did take the boy to Lupper (it was mid afternoon...that is Lunch & Supper smooshed together) and had a nice time. Ironically they sat a little baby right next to us...of all the empty seats in the place..that is funny if you remember the last time we went to dinner for our "mother-son" time. It turned out fine. His Dad is coming by tonight to take him to dinner and so he can stay with him for a couple days while he's on Spring Break. I'm going to duck out of work a little early (shhhhhh) so I can see him before he leaves. I left him a note on his bathroom mirror since he was asleep when I left for work.

I did get out to the sales on Saturday. The Church sale ended up being great! Got a huge box of stuff for cheap. Most of it is stuff I think I'll sell on Ebay but probably will add to the rest of the stuff I need to sell on Ebay. LOL. The neighborhood sale wasn't as good as last time. I only spent .75 cents. I did find an Estate sale later in the morning that was the mother lode of Christmas collectables. Anyone that has seen my Christmas cabinet knows I do not need another thing BUT when you find a HARD TO FIND, 1950's plastic Santa holding his ORIGINAL SACK OF TOYS with the toys still in it and his Original Rabbit fur still a box with some other good stuff and you get it and a big wooden box for your DH'..for $ MUST buy it. I took pictures but the DS was on the computer all weekend so they didn't get loaded. Check back over the next few days and I'll try and get some on.

Did some organizing of SLaH paperwork & business supplies, organized most of my rhinestones and made my DS an accordion Birthday card and that was my weekend.

How about you? This coming weekend I am a Vendor in two events on the same day so I may sleep all day Sunday! If you are in the area, contact me and I'll fill you in on the location of the Spring Bazaar I'm doing in the morning. There are about 10-15 vendors scheduled to be set up so there should be something for everyone.

Work calls and it won't shut up. Better run. Checked out Tricia's blog and she has been breathing on her own and walking around. WOW. Nate mentioned having broken ribs and how painful that is and how much more it took for her surgery. Having lived through three broken ribs myself and the painful healing process, She is my hero for MANY reasons.

Til later.........................

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Denise said...

13.. wow, they grow up so fast. Glad you had a nice birthday lupper together.

Great finds during your sale huntings.

Look forward to seeing you Saturday nite!