Friday, April 11, 2008

Medical Lesson

The following may be TMI for my male readers so I will give you a second to click away.......
First, thanks so much for your kind words of sympathy. Yesterday was very painful and enough that even I agreed to call the doctor. I kind of felt stupid saying I needed to be seen because I had a headache but they gave me an appointment for mid-afternoon. In case you don't know it, I work with 90 nurses and we have a clinic on the first floor of our building. Mid morning one of the nurses insisted I go to the clinic and get my BP checked. It was 189 over 80ish. Yes, a little high for someone on two BP medications. I called the doctors office and told them and tried to get in earlier. The office was at lunch and she said they would call me back if I could get fit in before my appointment.

No call.

I went at my appointment time and got called in rather quickly (thankfully since there was a delightful child running around the lobby while her dad talked on the cell phone) The girl took my BP and it was a "normal" 120ish over something normal. I found that interesting since it took her all of 2 seconds to get the reading, the cuff was not even all the way inflated.

They put me in a room and I closed my eyes to wait for the doctor and she came right in & asked me for a Urine sample and said they were going to retake my BP, on both arms. Urine sample?? Hold that thought.

A nurse came in and took my BP. It was 150 ish on one arm & 180ish on the other. I told her about my concern at the reading the gal got at the front & suggested she may not have been accurate????

The doctor/PA came in & told me that she had confirmed I had a Urinary infection and that was causing my headache.


She said she'd never heard of it until she started working at that office and the head doctor told her and she has now seen it enough to believe it. When someone "presents" and their only symptom is a headache that isn't responding to any medications, they have discovered the patient may have a Urinary infection even though they have none of the usual symptoms.

How Odd! She gave me a script for the infection (FREE at Publix) and another for the headache. We also discussed my BP meds, which order I take them and she wants me to take readings twice a day for the next two weeks. At that time we will address whether I need a change in medication or dose. In the mean time my headache is alittle better today but I've stayed home to avoid it going back to where it was yesterday.

I have to tell you how wonderful my DH was yesterday. Every time I called him, he spoke really softly and finished most of my sentences so I wouldn't have to talk much. When I got home, he had covered the bedroom windows with cardboard and quilts to help darken the room. He had a drink on the nightstand and a little bag of crackers in case the medication upset my stomach. He had rolled up towels to block the light from the cracks under the doors and made sure the TV in the living room was muted. He even made dinner and had a plate wrapped in foil waiting for me when I came out early evening. So sweet!!!

I need to get ready for my events tomorrow so I'm going to take it easy today and rest in between so my headache keeps to a dull roar. I have a HUGE, long day tomorrow so really need the meds to start working.

Thanks again for all your sweet comments. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. BTW, thanks for NO ONE agreeing that loosing weight would help. While I am very fluffy, I do not have 100 lbs to loose. Close but not 100. LOL

BTW, who else was stunned by AI last night? We really thought Ryan was cruel to give the boy hope (talking about last year and how they didn't eliminate anyone during AI Gives Back) and then WHAM! BYE BYE!
Getting interesting. It's apparently any ones game.

Til later.......................


Loretta said...

I'm so glad you got that headache checked out! I'm prone to kidney and bladder infections, due to my diabetes, and every time I would go to the doctor about it, my blood pressure would be sky high. (I'm being treated for that, too.) And I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the doctor for something else and been told I had a UTI and didn't know it. The urinary system is definitely connected with our blood pressure.

Good for my baby brudder for taking such good care of you. :) Now you rest and just let him pamper you.

Your SIL

Fatti Patti said...

I hope you are better. :)

Jules said...

Sure hope you are feeling better!

Kip said...

Glad you saw the Doc and hope it goes away fast Cheryl.. Your dh is a gem!

deirdre said...

oh cheryl i sure hope that this gets better quickly and what an amazing hubby, 2 thumbs up for him!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor and have meds. Hoping today is the turning point where it totally improves. Way to go on your dh doin' all those nice things. How sweet...

Denise said...

So glad you went and got it checked out. Headaches and UI, who thunk it! WTG DH on taking good care of his lady.

Take care, hope you're feeling better, see you tonite!

Jenn(ifer) said...

As I am reading this, I am thinking I may need to go to the doctors. I have had a horrible headache since 3 pm. yesterday that only increased in pain. It got so bad that I had to take a vicodin last night & this a.m. with no relief. I am not usually the type to get headaches, so this is alarming. I haven't felt right for weeks though...go figure.

Anyways, I am glad you went & figured out what was going on. What a great DH! Very good guy.

AI repulsed me. I am so sticking mad. I almost don't want to watch anymore.