Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yard sale scores, Dr update and more

This will be another long catch up post so if you are short on time...turn away.

First, the doctor saga update. I went to the Cardiologist appointment Thursday. My BP was slightly high. They did an EKG and it was normal. The doctor suggested an MRI to rule out constriction in the kidney as that may explain the increase in blood pressure. There is a very slight chance that is the case but he wants to rule it out. He also suggested changing my AM blood pressure med for a combo pill that has Calcium blockers.

Next I went to the GP that afternoon and when they took my BP it was 40 points lower than it had been at the previous appointment. ??? The "Doctor" was a PA in training and so I kept waiting to see what she was going to say about my "contacting the office/high pressure/wait til we see you". She said that my UTI seemed cleared and basically I got the feeling that if I hadn't finally said something, I would have walked out of the office w/o anything being said or done. I finally told her that I was really concerned that after I contacted the office, no one seemed concerned and that I felt the BP reading when I first arrived was wrong. She checked my BP , in both arms and it was closer to what it had been at the first appointment..40+ points different than when I arrived at her office. She went off and spoke with the doctor and came back to say they didn't feel the readings I sent were "Life threatening" and felt I could wait until the appointment to be seen. I asked what the numbers needed to be to get some reaction but she never had an answer for that. She said they wanted to add a "Water Pill" to the meds I was already taking and we'd see if that helped.

Bottom line:
1. I will have the MRI the cardiologist wants me to have.
2. I filled the Water Pill instead of the Dual pill due to cost. I'll add the water pill to the original BP pill and see if it helps.

I have a follow up appointment with the Cardiologist soon so we'll see if it works. If not then my GP said there is a combo pill they want to try. It is cheaper than the one the CARDIO doc prescribed.

Yes I know I shouldn't let finances dictate my health care. However, if the water pill works why spend 4 times as much?!

Thanks for your concern. I'll let you know what happens.

Now for the weekend update...

Friday night a few of us got together and cropped. Well, two of us cropped..LOL. (Hi ScrapYard Gals) I worked on the scrapbook for my co-worker. Got it all done except for the final touches.

Saturday morning I decided to go "Sale-ing" but with the plan to hand out business cards. Several "high income" neighborhoods were having sales so I figured it would be a great opportunity to do"marketing". I gave out about 20+ cards and got some great deals.

After the sales I headed across town to Joanns to spend the gift certificate I got from my team. I picked up a few things that I've been looking at but never buy. I ended up spending $23 over my GC. I finally got one of those "True lite" lights. Looking forward to trying that.

On the way home I remembered there is a new Super Target in town so I drove over. We've all been looking for a Fiskars punch that is a "Scallop w/hole" and it is hard to find. Someone had heard Targets new scrapbooking section carried them but were out of stock. I'd already checked several and no luck. I called my friend, DW, for directions to the store and she met me for some shopping therapy. I got there first and FOUND THE PUNCH!!!! Unfortunately, there was only one. DW was understanding...I think...LOL.

Sunday has been a nice day with DH. I did run by Kmart & Walmart for my RX and some household stuff. Came home and watched Nascar and worked on my SLaH stuff. Now it's TV and getting ready to call it a night.

How was your weekend??

Til later.................


Jenn(ifer) said...

I really hope that there is nothing to be concerned about with your Blood Pressure. But, defintely stay on top of it all

Kip said...

Is that the treading water punch? I finally broke down and ordered it online!

Michele L from Tampa said...

what does the punch look like? have been on a spending freeze so I have not been reading anything. keep us posted on the doctors - and no finances should not decide which med to take

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous.. you found the punch!

HOpe you're doing OK! Take care!