Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Foot in mouth & Big Balls

I really need to learn to keep my big mouth shut. We had a meeting of the "Support Staff". NO ONE will speak up and say what is wrong or bothering them.

Except me.

Unfortunately, I started my "speech" by saying that "I was the only one with big enough BALLS to say what they thought" . I said my peace and then left the meeting, explaining that my blood pressure was about to burst and that I needed to go pick up my mother. Talk about an exit.

Moving on......my blood pressure has been consistently high. Nurses are scolding me. My headache is better but I feel "off" because of the BP.

DD has stress and I don't know what to do. Anyone have a magic wand or a truck load of $$?

I just got word that one of my friends is headed to the hospital for the possible delivery of her son. On the day she was moving to the house next door to me. Great timing Andy!

Another neighbor is in the hospital while they run tests to see what is wrong with him. They suspect Lou Gehrig's Disease. If you are inclined, please remember this family in your prayers.

I'm going to go eat now since it is almost 3pm and I haven't had lunch.

How you doing???? AI tonight. WAHOO.

Til later...................

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Jenn(ifer) said...

My BP is high, could be the cause of my headaches. I also have a very, very, very high stress level right now.

I love ya! Big Balls and All