Friday, October 31, 2008

Kmart, Early Voting, Halloween & Scrapin Yard Sale

Oh my!!!

I hit Kmart three times this week for the Double Coupon deals. The store closest to my house is a PITA. They do not understand or agree with the "rules" of Double Coupons. The cashier kept insisting they were ringing up correctly but they didn't. I also forgot my $5 off coupon (yes-I KNOW I was the one to post it for you all. What is your point?). I asked the manager if she could write on my receipt that I had forgotten it and let me bring it back the next day. She said she would have to Refund everything and re-ring it but they wouldn't credit the coupons unless I had duplicates for them to use. For $5? No thanks.

I went to the Kmart closer to my job yesterday at lunch and the store was well stocked and the cashier was friendly and rang things up correctly. Well, she seems to have missed one of my toothpaste coupons but the rest was good. I went back after work and did another trip. Again, friendly & went through smoothly. They missed another .75 double and the service desk refunded it to me.

Did you go? Use coupons? How did you do?

While I was shopping last night my DD sent me a text that she was on her way to Early Vote. Since it was her first time, the "geek mom" in me came out and I ended up meeting her at the polling place so I could witness the historic event. She stood in line for almost 2 hours and there were tons of folks behind her at 7pm. I had the poll workers clap for her when she came out and got her "I voted" sticker. I would have taken a picture if I had a camera. She wasn't happy with me but I don't care. I was proud of her and was happy I got to share the moment with her. One day she may understand. Until then, I'll continue to be the geek I am.

Isn't that the entire reason we vote? For my right to be an individual?

Having experienced the lines with her and from seeing the news reports, I expected to have a hard time when I went this morning. (I couldn't vote last night because we live in different Counties). I took my Twilight book and was ready to stand and read for awhile. I didn't even dress up for Halloween because I didn't want to be arrested or scare the elders in my area. Imagine my confusion when I drove up and there was NO ONE in line at 7:15am. I parked and walked up to the library door and was greeted by one lone poll worker. I asked him where everyone was since I was anticipating a crowd. He said "not in our county'. I went inside and was whisked through the sign in process and sent to my booth. It took me longer to read & reread the ballot than the entire "wait time". I processed my ballot, got my sticker and left. I was in the car by 7:25. I called my DH to tell him I was done and how disappointed I was that I didn't even get to read a single page of my book. He suggested I go somewhere and park for a couple hours and then go to work and show them my sticker and bemoan the "voting hassle". LOL. I didn't. I came straight to work.

Since I didn't dress up before leaving the house I had to come up with a costume on the fly. I ended up grabbing several hand fulls of Coupons and stuck them into my clothing. Instant "Coupon Queen-Bargain shopper" costume. I even walked around with one of my Kmart bags, offering Almay mascara for sale.

Don't laugh. I sold two of the 4 packages and now I don't have to return them like I'd planned.

Halloween tonight and my DS said he is going to stay home and help me pass out candy. I'm alittle sad that he won't be dressing up. He's going to wish he had when I have him help me pack my car for the Scrapbook yard sale tomorrow. Hope to get rid of the crap-o-stuff left over from the last sale I did.

Don't forget to turn back your clocks this weekend. Wish I could really get an extra hour sleep. Maybe I will be so tired from the sale that I can get some extra shut eye.

Til later...........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Note to self

DS does not wake up when the smoke detector goes off.

His parents, on the other hand, sprang out of bed at O-goodness:30 this morning like they had been jabbed with a cattle prod.

Thankfully it was only set off because of the heat coming on for the first time this season. All the dust bunnies must have been going up in "smoke".

Didn't really get back to sleep since the fear of it happening again, with the next heater wave, loomed over our heads. DH got up and started watching the news. I thought about getting an early start but stayed under the covers for a little while, trying to stay warm.

Should have gotten up and gotten the early start.

I ended up getting stuck on my little two lane road to work, for an hour, because of a head on collision that blocked the road. Luckily I had the fourth TWILIGHT book in the car with me so I turned off my car engine and read. DON'T tell me anything...I KNOW....I figured it out before she did. Don't tell me anything else. I won't get to read again for awhile.

Anyway, the accident was AWFUL. When we finally could move past it, there was no doubt why the Medivac Helicopter came. The cars were on either side of the road and one of them looked like it had exploded. Really parts all over the road and the rest of the car was smashed to heck & back.Prayers for the people involved please.

I was late for a computer class that I had to attend for work. No worries, it turned out they hadn't even started and then the entire class was geared towards people that work in a clinic. Didn't apply to me. The teacher let me leave at the break.

Guess I should take advantage of getting out of that class early and do something. LOL.

Prayers for Tricia today as she gets tested for her cancer.

Til later.................'s not to late to take up a collection to send my DD to Philly for tonights game. She'll need warm clothes in addition to all the stuff we discussed before. Hey, it's not my fault that you all didn't come through earlier, when it was warmer.

PSS: Speaking of the RAYS, did anyone get their free TACO? After sitting in the drive through line for 10 minutes, trying to park and go inside only to be met by at least a 30 minute line..I decided a .79 Taco wasn't worth it. DARN, I was really hungry too.

PSSS: I didn't get my Yard Sale pics posted because I was being such a GREAT MOM to my DS last night. Long story but it involves; Video games that needed to be returned, letting him play it until the very last minute, going to the video place BEFORE going to pick up my RX that I'd been out of for two days, and the Pharmacy CLOSING 10 minutes before I got there.

Lets just say that by the time I got home my DS had been informed that his only actions for the next little while would be to KMA and do anything I tell him to. LOL.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes***UPDATE

My BFF, peep Carol has a
beautiful 6 year old daughter.
Recently she told her mom, "I'm voting for Boma".
When Carol asked her why she was voting for Obama she replied,
"Because he approves of this message".

To cute!
11/5/08....My friend said that when she woke her daughter up this morning she told her that Obama was the new President. She said her daughter exclaimed, "I WON Momma, I won!".
Keep an eye on this girl...she just might say that, for real, one November morning in 30+ years.

Free Taco's & Kmart

FYI.....Get a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco from Taco Bell this Tuesday.
"Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Jason Bartlett stole free tacos for America from Taco Bell, as he stole second base in the bottom of the 5th inning of Game 1 at the World Series," according to a story on MarketWatch. "As promised, Americans will feast on millions of free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Tacos as Taco Bell's "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco" World Series promotion paid off for the second straight year."
To get the freebie go to a participating Taco Bell on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 between 2 and 6 pm. Find a Taco Bell near you.
Thanks, Ryan!

Also...Kmart is offering DOUBLE COUPONS in some markets. If you are lucky enough to be near a store that is doubling, use this coupon to sweeten the deal. If you don't have double least you can save some money!

I took pictures of the bench & front door but I had people over last night and didn't get on the computer. I'll try & load them tonight.

Til later.....................

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yard sale scores & Sports

I had a super YARD SALE buying day on Saturday. I just realized I should have pictures to go with this post but was so busy this weekend I didn't think about it. I'll add them sometime this week as I know you will be waiting with baited breath until then.....

My DS has been asking for a Exercise bike/Treadmill/mini Trampoline for his room. I discovered a community sale that is usually good and it did not disappoint. I found an exercise bike that has the "air wheel" in the front and the handle bars go back & forth when you pedal...$15 ...SCORE!!! I had to go back home and get my DH's truck but it arrived safely and is waiting in my DS's room for when he gets home from his dad's.

Next I found a three tiered shelf that fit perfectly outside my front door. I'd been wanting something for that space and the one I found is "rustic" and looks great. $5....SWEET.

Finally, I hit a sale late in the morning while on my way to Wally's World. My DH collects wooden boxes and I'm always on the look out. I found a couple at this particular sale but the BEST thing was a TEAK bench that is carved and held together with Pegs. It's about 5 feet long and VERY HEAVY. The price $5. WHAT?????? I kept looking at the tag and was convinced that I was missing a "0". I asked the sellers about it, how was it possible that it was still available?? They said that a woman wanted it but her husband wouldn't let her have it. He said they also didn't put a price tag on it until an hour before I arrived. WHAT EVER!! I ran back home and got the truck again. It looks so good in my front yard.

Regarding sports..............

I'm not saying it's all your faults but............

I did ask for a fund to send my DD to Philly. The fact that we are now down 3-1...clutch MUST WIN THREE IN A ROW......I'm just suggesting that we might not be in this situation if someone had coughed up some cash.

It was not the best weekend for Tampa Bay Sports teams. The fact my DD didn't go to the USF game or to Philly...coincidence? You tell me.

Til later.............

Friday, October 24, 2008

Can we send my DD to Philly?

Apparently my DD has a "lucky streak" going and the Tampa Bay area should support it.

She was fortunate enough to get a ticket to GAME 7 of the playoffs...and the Rays WON.

Last night I got a text from her saying, " ARRRRR, I'm at the Freaking World Series". ...and they WON.

See a pattern?

I would like to suggest Tampa Bay take up a collection to send my daughter on the road with the team. She will need a hotel room, food money and protection from the Philly fans that may seek to ruin her winning aura.

Dig Deep. It's for the Team. It's for History.

Till later.........

BTW....don't forget about the "ALL YOU" fund giving opportunity in the post below.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dollar for Change via ALL YOU Magazine

Many of my readers know that I am a consultant for Southern Living at Home. What you may not know is that one of the reasons I became a SLAH consultant is because of the Philanthropy they support: Cut it Out via Dollar for Change.

CUT IT OUT is a national program that seeks to mobilize salon professionals and others in the fight against domestic abuse. With 4 women losing their lives each day to domestic abuse, our fight against this epidemic could not be more important. The Dollar for Change program not only helps bring awareness to the issue, but it also helps us do more to support the work of agencies across the country.

Southern Living at Home asks our customers to donate a dollar, when they place an order, that is forwarded to "Dollar for Change". As a former victim of Domestic violence when I was a young adult, I feel very strongly about helping other women (and men) find the help they need to remove themselves from an abusive relationship. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer my customers a way to purchase beautiful products and help others at the same time.

With the holidays approaching I want to combine gift giving with the CUT it OUT efforts.

I will donate $2 to Dollar for Change for every subscription to ALL YOU magazine purchased through this site. ALL YOU magazine is a fabulous monthly publication that features recipes, home decorating ideas and other great articles in addition to approximately $30-$60 per month in manufacturer coupons.

Walmart sells the magazine for $2.24 per issue. Our subscription price is $19.95 for 24 issues or .83 an issue. That is a savings of $33.81!

To sweeten the deal even further, anyone placing an order with me from now until Thanksgiving will be placed in a drawing to have your subscription price REFUNDED. That's right...I will be giving away ONE FREE Subscription to some lucky reader.

Contact me for more details or to place your order. Consider giving a subscription as a gift. What better gift than one that keeps on giving all year long AND helps others in the process?

Til later..................

Monday, October 20, 2008


Has anyone in Tampa Bay slept yet? What an exciting time for our area. Now if the BUCS could go to the Super Bowl in their own stadium, super duper! (ps-photo borrowed from Jules blog)

What a beautiful weekend. I spent half of Saturday outside at the yard sale. Didn't make a ton of money but read over 300 pages of the third Twilight book (finished it later that day..I'll have the fourth book tomorrow). Sat under my Pop-up tent and enjoyed the cooler air. Of course it got hot when it was time to tear everything down but it was nice while it lasted.

DS went to his karate Slumber party Saturday night. Said he doubts there will be another because Sensi can't stand the little kids misbehaving. LOL. DS was a stubborn boy and didn't take a blanket or sleeping stuff except a pillow. When I got there at 8am Sunday morning (!!!!) to pick him up, he was still asleep on the mat in the karate room, all curled up. It was FREEZING in there. I had the heat on in the car and when we got in he heard the noise and screamed cause he thought it was A/C. Silly boy...A/C when it's 53 degrees outside and I can't stand the air when it's warm???

Worked on some Halloween treats yesterday afternoon and evening while watching Nascar & football. Man, I'm rusty. It took forever to gather all my stuff that I haven't used in awhile. Now my craft room is a mess from me tearing it apart getting what I needed so I could take it into the living room. Got 20+ treat bags made. I'm LOVING the new "rocking stamp pads" I got. I used them for the first time and they are super. Really help get a crisp image. I'll have to take a picture or find a link and share them with you. Used them with my new Papertrey ink Halloween stamps. LOVE THEM.

Several meetings, vendor events, and a Scrapbooking yard sale coming up...yikes! I'm also having a Gold BUYING party next week. If you are interested, contact me via email as I will not post details on this site. Thanks!

How was your weekend? BTW, I didn't see any of the Sunday shows because of the ball game(s) so please don't spoil it for me.

Till later..............

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not helping my mood

The RAYS that is. Good grief boys, what the heck? Give an old lady a heart attack. I'm not sure I can watch the next game. They seem to play better when I don't anyway.

Had a nice evening with the kids. Had another opportunity to remind my DS why it is important to go to college. No offense to people that work at a fast food place, I did for many years when I was young. The problem is when it is apparent that you work there because it's the best you can do. Seriously, when it takes you 10 minutes to figure that 5 items at $5 each is $25 plus tax and not $31 plus tax....I don't hold hope for a manager position for you any time soon.

Speaking of school and knowledge, the boy pulled out a trivia bit of information about JOHN Hancock last night that was impressive. Well, impressive to us. Guess you had to be there. Anyway....His sister admitted that she didn't know it. I think she did at one time but had forgotten with all the other stuff she's had to cram into her head. (it has to do with why he signed his name so large. Anyone??)

No school today for the boy. Left them sleeping this morning. Darn work. There are only three of us in my group today and two of them are leaving me by 10am. Poop. I have a follow up on my Basal Cell this afternoon so I'll be gone by 2:30 myself.

What are your plans for the weekend? Have a yard sale tomorrow and the boy has a Karate Slumber Party. Hoping to get some scrapping done or at least finish the 3rd Twilight book. DD and I watched the trailers and discussed the cast selections last night. Not crazy about a couple of them. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Great news from Georgia about school and growth. Still waiting and praying about Tricia. If you didn't get a chance to catch up please go to her link on the left.

I'll leave you with a coupon from Walgreens for $5 off $25. Enjoy.

Til later..........

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twilight Countdown

Happy & sad day

I know I haven't been posting alot lately. I am so busy and am running in 30 directions at once. Often I think about just giving up the blog but then I change my mind when something important is happening. Today is one of those days.

I started out happy this morning since today is my DH's birthday. We had a nice dinner out together last night to celebrate. We are having a quiet family celebration tonight with my DS & DD. Probably Pizza and wings and then watch the RAYS (or CSI Vegas).

His birthday reminded me that I am still smarting from something that happened (or actually didn't happen) on my birthday in August.

I was upset that someone I used to consider a friend has been upset with me for 3 years and I really don't know why. Actually, I think I know why, but that just makes it crazier. What I think she is upset about wasn't done to her . She and her friends have done things I consider much more inappropriate but she doesn't seem to care. She allows other people to do things but when I ask to do the same thing, I get told no. For some reason that really bothered me this morning.

I was upset that I seem to always get the short end of the stick or learn about something that could make me a little money and the bottom drops out before I can cash in.

I am concerned because it looks like I will have to have a re-tweeking of my Lasik surgery. Having been though it three times should make it old hat. Unfortunately, I just freak out and think maybe my luck will run out and I'll end up worse than I am. One of my biggest fears is blindness. I would hate not being able to see the people I love.

I was all prepared to have a big old Pity party tomorrow (so as not to ruin my DH's birthday) and then I read this.

I quickly snapped back into reality and gave myself a swift talking to. I'm still upset by all the things I mentioned and about a hundred other things I didn't...the election/401K's/food prices/Christmas....etc...but, I am loved by and married to my HS sweetheart...I am healthy considering the crap I eat and my lack of exercise...I have friends I can depend on...I have 2 kids that love me and 2 step kids that I'm getting closer to..things are Good over all.

Please pray for Tricia and her family if that is your belief. Please pray for anyone else that is battling an illness or homelessness or despair. Be thankful for what you do have and if I start whining again..please kick me in my ample rear.

Til later.............

Monday, October 13, 2008

What's happening?

Between all the new shows, the Rays and several vendor events I've been busy. Sort of in between the Monday night shows so just poppin in to say hello.

Gonna go run and check a few blogs and then get ready for Hero's.

Til later..........

Monday, October 6, 2008


Another weekend gone! Never enough time or energy. I didn't get on line much this weekend and when I did I had emails that were urgent & days old. ARG!! I can't keep up. Would you believe we STILL didn't watch the movie..Dan in real life.

Weekend SUCKED to be a Tampa Bay fan of any kind. Hoping the Rays can redeem themselves today.

Looking forward to this coming weekend as I've got two different VENDOR events I'm involved in. I've been trying to forward a flyer about the event on Sunday but my email system keeps locking up because of the number of email addresses I'm trying to send it to. If you are local (you know if you are) and are interested in attending a Vendor Expo with at least 10-15 home based businesses in attendance, email me directly and I will send you the information.There will be food samples, door prizes and a chance to do some early shopping.

Also....have you checked out the Southern Living at Home specials for October? SWEET!!!! Lots of great stuff and even a magazine subscription at 50% off. Now would be a great time to buy a gift subscription for yourself or a friend. Check this out. Email me for details or to place an order. If you are interested in having a party OCTOBER would be a great time. We just got word that they have increased the Hostess perks from $15 to $50...just for having a get together with some friends. I have a few days available so contact me soon!

I just read on CF Husband that Tricia is headed to the hospital. Prayers are requested that she is better and back home soon.

Anything exciting in your neck of the woods? Anyone take advantage of the Kmart double coupons? I did a quick trip Friday night and saved $50+. it should have been at least $10 more but I didn't check my receipt until after I left the store and didn't get a chance to go back until the next afternoon. The manager wouldn't refund the money they owed me even after admitting I was right on the one hand but then contradicting himself on the next. If you missed the deals I've heard they will be back at the SUPER K-MArts later this month. Not sure where so keep your eyes pealed for ads. Be very careful that your coupons do not exceed the total of the product because that will send them into a tail spin!

Better run. HUGS to all my Georgia family that read this. Love you all.

HI JESS!!!!!!!

Till later..........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Double coupons at Kmart

I'm sure many of you already know about the DOUBLE COUPON deal at Kmart this week. I'm really hoping there is something left when I go later today &/or tomorrow. I heard from another person that the store was pretty picked over. I'm going to go and see what I can find. FREE is my goal.

Still haven't watched Dan in Real Life. OOOOPS!!!

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for the RAYS winning their first ever play off game.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for the #10 USF Bulls playing like a rookie High School team last night. What the Heck!

DS is going to attend an ADULT Karate class tonight. His teacher has been trying to get him to step up for a couple months but DS has been reluctant. W are going to give it a try tonight and see how things go.

Anything else going on?? Met another group of great ladies last night. We are going to have a Home Based Business Expo next weekend. Door Prizes, food...early Holiday shopping. If you are local, contact me for details.

Til later.................

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I had the pleasure to meet 18 amazing women last night through a new networking group that is being formed in my area. I learned about products I've never heard of before. I was even lucky enough to win two of the door prizes. SWEET!!! If you need anything let me know, I may be able to hook you up.

Speaking of hooking you up.......if you haven't ordered a subscription to ALL YOU magazine, October is the perfect time for a Win-Win opportunity. If you order $29.95 in Southern Living at Home products in October you can purchase a subscription to any magazine for $9.95. You could buy a gift for someone and get the subscription for yourself or vice versa. Contact me for more details.

I have another meeting tomorrow with a different networking group. We have a vendor event planned on October 12th where you can get a jump on your holiday shopping. There will be approximately 10+ vendors set up. If you are local, contact me directly for details and location.

Because of my meeting last night, I didn't see much tv. I did watch the Mentalist (good again) but missed FRINGE. Don't tell me, it's taped. I'm excited to see PRIVATE PRACTICE coming back on tonight. Going to interfere with several other shows but we'll juggle!

Waiting for news from Georgia. PRAYERS & good vibes requested. I'm going to go check the blog to see if she's posted.

Til later...........