Friday, October 24, 2008

Can we send my DD to Philly?

Apparently my DD has a "lucky streak" going and the Tampa Bay area should support it.

She was fortunate enough to get a ticket to GAME 7 of the playoffs...and the Rays WON.

Last night I got a text from her saying, " ARRRRR, I'm at the Freaking World Series". ...and they WON.

See a pattern?

I would like to suggest Tampa Bay take up a collection to send my daughter on the road with the team. She will need a hotel room, food money and protection from the Philly fans that may seek to ruin her winning aura.

Dig Deep. It's for the Team. It's for History.

Till later.........

BTW....don't forget about the "ALL YOU" fund giving opportunity in the post below.

1 comment:

darling daughter said...

apparently you're right! we're done with cole hamels pitching tonight :( there's no way.