Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday again. Are you sure?

They are really cracking down on Internet usage while at work. I've been super busy at night.


Last weekend is a blur. I got to see my darling neice on Sunday before she shipped out to AZ with my sister. They haven't had Internet access so are waiting to see them tomorrow to get the details. I've heard through my mom that J is having fun. M, apparently not so much as she's had a cold & other ailments. What a drag.

Saw the kids for a short time Easter night. Love to hang out with the Girl. She is super busy with end of the school year stuff.

I did get to see her Thursday am. Well, actually I saw her face as the rest of her was buried under her covers. She let me drop in to use the shower after my second sleep study.

Follow up sleep study. Fun!! They had me come sleep with the Cpac machine. The first one lasted about 3 hours before a horrible headache woke me up where the mask was digging into my skull. They changed it to a set of "Nose balls" with a strap. Seriously, they were two tiny tubes on the top of plastic balls that set into your nose. Since it didn't dig into your skull it actually worked much better....for the 3 hours I had left to sleep. I'll talk to my doctor in about a week and see what I'm going to do.

What did you think of ADAMS performance this week? So fun to watch. What about the "SAVE"? Since they only had one more week to use it, it was a bit of a surprise but made an interesting twist. 2 go next week. Who will it be? Lil?? Matt??

The boy has had a rough week. Report card wasn't as good as he claimed it would be. Not bad but since the grade was based on NOT turning in work...again...he got a long lesson in doing what is expected or going beyond. Stressing the importance of doing your bet even when you don't feel like it.

Thanks to his "situation" I'm going to use him to clean out the garage this weekend. Or so I think. Kind of depends on how I feel.

What have you been up to? Lots of reports of young children loosing their lives this week. So sad. Locally 4 teenagers were killed in a accident that gave use another lesson for the boy. ALL of your actions have results. It could be a bad grade or it could mean your life.

Have the DVR "Twilight" at home that has been waiting for me since Wed. night. I saw it at the movies but my DH hasn't and promised to watch with me. Should be interesting to see his reaction. I'm sure he won't like it. It's really not that great of a movie...but I liked it. Looking forward to seeing it in Blue ray.

Till later...................

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Loretta said...

Yes, dear, it's Friday again...AGAIN, lol. What kept you so busy for an entire week? Good things, I hope, or at least not bad things.

Your SIL