Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tossing a crumb

I got a call yesterday from one of my Peeps asking when I was going to update. I honestly started to yesterday but got busy and had to give it up. I never got a chance to get back on. This may not be pretty or interesting but here goes......

First....CONGRATS to Big T!!!!!! Still think it's ironic but I'm happy for you and the family.

Had a supper busy weekend as I expected. Vendor event on Saturday...had promise and fear at the same time since I never did get my information packet in the mail and this was the place that claimed they had no more space available when I asked them to fax my details...I had ALREADY paid and they had cashed my check....anyway.....When I got there I discovered it was a CRAFT show/Vendor show. I had started to bring some of my cards and other little crafts to sell but didn't because of time running out and deciding it wasn't "appropriate" for the event.

So wrong.

Thankfully, I had brought "Cash & Carry" items and ended up selling more than I've ever sold at an event. Good thing because...

I had an event the next day and didn't sell anything. I did get some possible party leads but we'll see. I saw some people that I know from other shows and we had a good time visiting. It's all Marketing so it's "All good".

Super tired still from all that running around. Came home from work last night, took the boy to karate and then watched some TV.

(Speaking of TV..anyone watch the 24 movie on Sunday? I almost fell off the couch when they predominately featured a SPRINT phone as the one Jack was using..in the Jungle! Seriously! I can't get cell service in my HOUSE or on the street I take to get back and forth to work but Jack can make and receive calls in the flippen Jungle)

Watched the Prison Break last night that they kept telling us "Don't miss the last 5 minutes".....Could someone give these guys a break? I'd still watch if they didn't have to keep running. It would be interesting to see them get back into "regular society" and lead normal lives.

Still not sure what we are doing for Thursday. The kids will be there for part of the day and then will be going to their Dad's via their Uncles house. My poor DH keeps asking what we are doing so he knows what he needs to do to the house. When he says, "The house" he really means my area in the dining room. I have craft crap spread all over it. I may throw a quilt over the largest mess and call it a day.

I mailed my 2 Thanksgiving cards LAST NIGHT. Yep...late again. They were made and ready but I couldn't get my act in gear to mail them. Sorry folks.

Getting ready to go pick up toys for our needy kids for work. Road trip!

There are a couple more days to order the ALL YOU magazine to be included in the drawing to be reimbursed. Contact me ASAP.

And last but not least...................TWILIGHT. Yes, during my busy weekend I managed to squeeze a little Edward/Bella into my Saturday night. I could have done without the giggling little Tweens but in their defense, the books were originally written for them. I was happy with the movie. Some parts were different than I had pictured in my head but then after I thought about it for a few minutes, they made perfect sense to be the way they were. I was bothered by some "Bad acting" in some places early in the movie but then yesterday I started reading the "bootleg" Midnight Sun..Twilight from Edwards prospective... and things were more understandable. For those that haven't seen the movie yet, I will just say two words.....Piano scene. OME!!!

Til later............


Jenn(ifer) said...

Sounds like you had a busy & productive weekend. That's great, but it makes the 'down' time go a lot faster. Hopefully you have a nice Holiday week.

My sister is reading these darn books now. I guess I'm the only one that is NOT.

Denise said...

Busy times girl.... Hope everything works out and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I took N to the midnight show on Thursday/Friday to see Twilight.. LOVED IT!!! We can't wait for New Moon!