Friday, November 7, 2008

Vendor Friday & other stuff

Tonight is the rescheduled Fall Festival for a local elementary school. My car is loaded and I'll be leaving work about 4pm to go get set up. Hoping for a nice crowd as I saw an ad for it in the paper. There are approximately 20 vendors, kiddy festival stuff, food and tons of fun. The only down side is that it is outside and now that the time has changed, we will be in the dark for most of the event. I've packed candles and hope to light up my tent and not cause a fire at the same time.

DS goes to his dad's this weekend. He's probably relieved since he landed in some hot water yesterday. His mom (that would be me) checked his grades on line and discovered two that were less than acceptable. One of the teachers hasn't responded to my email yet but his Lang. Arts (english) teacher said it was because he wasn't turning in his work. She said she sees him doing it but it doesn't make it to her desk. HMMMMMMMM. That's an OLD problem that I thought we were over. So, he has been stripped of his Mack Daddy electronics for awhile. He took his "punishment" like a man. Since there had been a discussion after the progress report came out, he had no room to complain.

Parenting. Not for the faint of heart.

Gonna spend the rest of my weekend trying to get some Christmas cards made. Mybe even some projects for sale at a vendor event later this month.

Or, I may sleep until Monday morning.

Free flu shots this morning at work. My arm is starting to hurt but that may be all in my head. The shot it's self was quick and painless. Since I got it in my "bad arm" I'm not sure where the pain is actually coming from.

I still need to upload the pictures of my yard sale finds from a few weeks ago. Sorry, now that I use my laptop I always forget to load pictures since I have to move my big tail to the "computer room". I'll try. I promise.

Does everyone have Tuesday off? I seriously considered taking Monday off too but since I'm getting the last two full weeks of December off, I need to save my vacation time for that. Drat.

oooooo..I almost forgot! I scored bags of Halloween candy, on clearance at WAGS for .50 a bag. No matter what size or brand. I got 20 bags. Some of them were the HUGE bags of assorted candy. Those will be handy for my vendor events. I like to have a little something to offer but hate to spend money. At .50 a bag...I can afford to appear generous.

What you doing????

Til later.....

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Kip said...

hey, did you find her code for that printer thingy?