Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still kicking** EDITED

Super busy. Meetings and getting ready for several SLAH events. BIG...Shop til you drop in the Brandon area this weekend. Email me if you are interested in more details.

Got to see the Launch last week. The boy and I drove to a hill near his karate class and watched while talking to my DH on the phone. He was in charge of watching the NASA channel so we'd know if it was a go. The clouds cooperated enough to see fairly well. It looked like the shuttle was headed straight for the moon!

Had my follow up with the lasik folks. Looks like I'll be getting a tweaking for the holidays. Not really looking forward to it since it makes me nervous to have them cut on my eye again but I'll be glad to be able to read clearly again.

T minus a couple days until the Twilight movie comes out. My sister is speed reading the series. LOL. I'm supposed to go see the pic on Saturday night after my Vendor event. Wahoo!!!!

The Boy is working his way back from academic ruin. He has completed his Science project and should turn it in tomorrow. He got a 87 plus 10 bonus points on his latest Algebra test. He still needs to bring it up to a "B" by the end of the quarter. The rest of his grades aren't looking so good but am hopeful he gets back in the groove soon.

People keep telling me Thanksgiving is coming soon. ARG. May be a quiet Thanksgiving with the kids & DH. I'm really looking forward to the 4 days off. Not going shopping on Black Friday. Gonna be a quiet Christmas since the boy will not be getting electronics. DD says she wants her wisdom teeth out for her gift. LOL.

What's up with you? ONE MORE week to order the ALL YOU magazine and get included in the drawing for your $$ to be refunded. Email me or read the left side announcement for more details.

Til later................

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Good to hear from you! I wish I could have seen the launch...that would have been neat.

I hope "The Boy" gets the grades he needs so not to spend Christmas break looking at his 4 walls, lol.