Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thanks for your relief

that we didn't end up a tangled wreak of metal last night. I'm still having heart palpitations and apparently it contributed to some nightmares I had.

Speaking of nightmares....Idol. It's really painful and it's starting to royally piss me off. I can't believe how things are going this season. It's like watching our two cars heading towards each other last night and being helpless to do anything as other people, or forces, determine your outcome. Since I've yet to pick up the phone and vote I guess I have no room to talk but COME ON. Who will be slaughtered tonight in the name of Sanjaya? He didn't even "get" that Simon was being sarcastic. And how sad that his dad was in the audience looking like he delivered the prodigal son. Good grief. As for poor Haley..I agree they were a tad rude but I think they are under the impression that nothing they say is being taken seriously. She is a beautiful girl but I do not agree she should still be there. They have kicked off several girls that were more talented. BTW, being a bit *itchy for a second.....what makes a girl as young as Haley have boobs that droop? Mine may be small but they are perky. Sorry...if she is going to wear LOW cut outfits that show them off, I can't help but notice. The bad thing is when they distract from her singing. That can't be a good thing. Well, at least not for me.

House was Incredible. It's a good thing I wasn't pre-menstrual or I would have been blubbering. Intellectually, I know most of the stuff is outrageous but when you watch it at face value..the baby grabbing onto Houses!!! Next week looks really good.

So instead of doing three peoples work today I also had to fill in for the receptionist for an hour since she "layed out sick"...Again. I decided to take a couple minutes and update here since I didn't get a lunch break. I'm so close to calling it a day and going home but I have to much on my desk. Guess I better get back at it.

DS comes home tonight and I still have no idea what to do for his birthday. SUGGESTIONS....please.

Til later...............


Jenn said...

HEY, I'm so glad yall were alright. That was very scarey.
As for Idol, I didn't watch. I couldn't bring myself to endure another night of crap! Sanjaya is in the top 3 according to dial and apparently Gina, Haley, and one of the guys are in the bottom 3. I think it's a shame that Sanjaya is still there. HE HAS to know he isn't very good. Anyways, I have no answer for the droopy boob situation. Maybe she just needs better support,lol.

Birthday suggestions: for a party or for a gift???? He's at a tricky age. Good Luck.


Cami said...

lol Cheryl - never thought about the reason behind the droopies. Hmmm, not sure about the could have, say a Garden Party or something..??? lol...I already have the menu planned.