Friday, April 27, 2007

Surgery-crops & Greys

Today my littlest grand nephew is having surgery in Georgia. He isn't quite 3 and I'm sure he isn't going to be a happy little boy when he finds out where he is going. His mom & dad will be with him but my heart is heavy thinking of his little eyes when he realizes somethings up. They didn't explain it ahead of time (unless they did it since the last time I heard anything) because he is the kind of kid that would have gone wild until the event. He's a "need to know basis" kind of kid. I'm not sure what time the surgery is but if you could all keep the "Jenna in Georgia" family in your thoughts today I'd appreciate it. JENNA..I love you!! Give little G a big hug from this part of his Tampa Bay family.

Speaking of family, my sister is supposed to hear about her job situation today. She posted a couple days ago that they offered her a chance to stay in the job she has but with some changes, including no extra perks. I'm not sure what she has decided so she's on my mind too. Michele-Love you too!!! She is getting to go to RR tonight & tomorrow to Crop & take classes with "Margie". Sound be fun. I look forward to the stories that will come from that get together!

Now, on a lighter note........let's talk TV.

Watched Greys last night. Raise your hand if you think the end was the beginning of introducing the "spin-off" for Addison? What was up with Alex? That boy drives me crazy. I think it's from his abusive childhood. He doesn't let himself open up to many/any people. McDreamy-starting to piss me off!!! I'd heard a rumor (maybe from you guys??) that George may be leaving the show (stupid move if you ask me). What do you think they will do about him taking the job at Mercy General? Poor Callie. I thought she handled herself really well with Izzie last night. When she got on the elevator we expected blood!

Started watching the season (already!!!) finale of October Road. I'm afraid my large glass of wine started hitting me and I ended up going to bed and so it is on our list of things to catch up on this weekend. Is anyone else watching it??

Really interesting article in the local paper yesterday about the guy that plays the ME on CSI-Vegas. Did anyone read it? He sounds like a dude you could have a blast hanging out with. Last nights episode is one of the many DVR'd shows we need to catch up on..... plus ER plus Medium plus a few others I can't think of right now. Refer to the post from a few days ago...I need to get a life. Or maybe I should just accept that we enjoy TV. So sue me.

Mini crop in my subdivision tonight. Not sure what I'll be working on. A group I belong to has a LO challenge due tomorrow so maybe I'll do something for that. Wonder if my Darth Gator LO would be eligible?? Maybe I'll work on my Make & Take idea for the crop next month. If someone would give me an would help!!

Friday at work...a ghost town. I may fall asleep. I wish!

OH.....I almost forgot to tell you...I FOUND the tax information!!!!! It was nothing short of an act of divine guidance but I found BOTH of the W2's that the HR department is requiring to complete my paperwork. I got to work super early to turn it in to my new supervisor and.........she's OFF today!! ARG!!! I've called her cell phone and am waiting to hear from her. A friend has said she will drive me to the HR building so I can turn them in but first I need to get the details of who, where. Patience..not my strong suit.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Til later................

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Jenn said...

Hey there,

THings went well. I will blog and posst pics soon. Thanks for the love.

I LOVE OCTOBER ROAD! I am so pist that last night was the finale already. I have replaced ER with October Road as my Thurs. night show. I really hope it comes back next season.