Wednesday, April 25, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA & big news revealed

First, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my neice Jennifer in Georgia. I'm sorry to say that being the awful aunt I am, her gift is still sitting on my table. I also bought her oldest son a little something awhile ago but didn't want to upset the other boys so have been waiting until I could get a little something for them too. Arg..I need a secretary.

Speaking of Secretaries...and speaking of a great segway.....I can now reveal my BIG NEWS!!

Warning...VERY LONG POST>>>>

First a background story:

I work for the State of Florida as a support staff member to the Member Services team. We screen and enroll children with chronic or life threatening illness into the state insurance program and then assign nurses to help with their case management. It's hard to explain but we screen over 1000 kids a month and enroll several hundred. I really love my team mates and the job is ok. Unfortunately, I have been working this position for the last 2 years without benefits, no insurance, no sick days, no paid holidays, no paid vacations.

The day after my wedding, I took the day off to get my name changes done. I got a phone call that morning from a friend at work who told me the Administrative Assistant for the Medical Foster Team was leaving. I immediately called the supervisor of the team and let her know I was interested in applying for the job. I'd been trying for 2 years to get on their team.

I had to fill out an application and be interviewed as the position is actually with a division of USF physicians instead of the State. I was told there was a "Spanish speaking" request for the position. Since I do not speak Spanish I was upset to think I may loose the job because of that.

Long story shortened..They asked four of us to split the job duties until they hired someone. I decided to do ANYTHING they asked so I could show my ability to do the job. They interviewed several people and I kept waiting to hear something. They said the process could take 4-6 weeks.

Thursday I got the word that it was between me & one other person (that was qualified AND spoke Spanish). I knew the MF group wanted me because they had said so-- MANY times and had told their supervisor they wanted me for the job.

Friday afternoon I got called into the MF supervisors office and as soon as I walked in she stuck out her hand and said," Welcome to the Medical Foster Team". WAHOOOOOO!!!!!

Unfortunately, she wanted to wait to make the announcement until she could tell her team members and that wouldn't be until Tuesdays staff meeting. I had to LIE to several peoples faces when they asked if I knew anything yet.

Yesterday morning I was told to wait 15 minutes and then join them in their staff meeting. When I walked into the room, and she introduced me as their newest team member, the room irrupted in cheers. (no kidding..some people like me...really like me). There were several people that were late to the meeting and as they arrived and realized that I was sitting there and what it meant..they both screamed & clapped. My DH says girls are so would have said" Hey" emotion like us women. Personally, I'd rather be a woman.

The next thing I had to do was tell my current co-workers that I was leaving. A few knew I'd applied and were hoping I'd not get it because they didn't want me to leave. I called two of my closest friends into my cubie and then discovered I couldn't tell them. I swear it felt like I was telling my children about a divorce. Finally one of the ladies just started shaking her head and came over and hugged me.

We had a party scheduled yesterday for the entire office so I had to hurry and tell the rest of the group before word leaked out. They were all happy for me but sad. They realize that the new position has FULL BENEFITS and that I needed those badly. They also realize that the other team is right on the other side of our cubbies. I'll still be close and we can always go to lunch. I get a LUNCH hour now!!! I have been eating at my desk.

I do not officially start with the new team until the paperwork is completed and I go to orientation. It should be about two weeks. In the mean time I am still doing two jobs.

So...if you are still reading and still awake...that is the big news I've been holding. One of my team mates is my loyal BLOG reader so I couldn't say anything until it was announced. HI JESSIE..LOVE YA!!! You too Alicia if you are reading this..Love ya too!!!!!

I would give my review of AI & HOUSE but I'm sure you all need a nap by now. (HOUSE--EXCELLENT)

Til later.......................


Jenn said...

Thanks for my birthday wishes. Tyler's birthday is in 2 weeks and 3 days so I'm trying to figure out what on earth to get him.

CONGRATULATIONS on the new position! That's fantastic news. I just hope that Michele has the same great news at the end of the week!

Thanks again and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
P.S. Jordin Sparks should be the winner! She did AWESOME last night.


Michele L from Tampa said...

Finally benifits, and perks! Congrats sis you needed to get that job. Just hope I get the one I want, not have to settle for "back on the phones".

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cheryl on the job promotion and FULL BENEFITS! That's awesome news!

Loretta said...

Oh, wow--that's great, Cheryl!! I'm so happy for you. :-) Are you gonna celebrate?

Love & hugs!

Kip said...

Congrats on the new job as it sounds like something you really wanted!

Dawn said...

congrats on making the foster team and getting much needed benefits cheryl, i am very happy for you!