Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank you America

now we have us a show!

I have only one thing to say about last nights result because if you have read ANY of my AI comments, you already know how I feel....

How sad that the young man actually looked upset. I think he truely believed his own hype. I hope it was an act. I'd hate to think he thought he had a chance based solely on his talent. He can sing. I've said that all along. He is just not good enough to be a "Performer" like Kelly Clarkson , Carrie Underwood or Chris Daughtry (yes-I know he didn't with me here)

He will be a Celeb because the world loves to give all kinds of people their 15 minutes. I just hope someone with a "head" on their shoulders is in charge of him. I'm worried for him if not.

NOW......let's get serious and see what happens with the rest of the contestants. It will be nice to actually watch a show without the Sanjaya factor hanging over it. It will be the AI we've all loved in the past.


Til later............

PS...Cami....What about LOST? That show is FREAKING me out man!!


Cami said...

bye-bye-ya Sanjaya! :)
Yes, the first couple minutes of LOST FREAKED me out!!!! So did the last few minutes. ????

Jenn said...

I have to say I was a little sad to see Sanjaya leave... Ok, so not really! I did, however, feel bad that he was that emotional about leaving. Don't you think he must have KNEW that he was way overdue to go? Simon seemed SO pleased last night when they announced the bottom 3. I was SHOCKED that Blake was in the bottom 3. I honestly think that LaKisha should be the next to bite the dust.

Ah, Lost is one show that I always forget about even though I really liked the first season and I got to see some of the other shows in the second season. I turned the channel last night to see Sawyer and Kate getting rather friendly. I changed it since I had NO idea what was going on and if by some chance I get to catch up, I don't wanna miss the suprise. Anywho... Love ya!