Monday, April 30, 2007

New Stamp site

Sorry I've been posting later in the day. If you are like me and like to read your blog favs in the morning it is screwing you up. I know you don't want to miss a thing I have to say! Since I've been leaving for work straight from the bus stop, I don't have time to do it in the morning any more. Guess I could get up earlier so I could blog before 6:45 but I'm NOT a morning person. Getting up at 6:15 am is hard enough and leaves me just enough time to shower and get out of the house.

Now for the reason for the late post.....I found the coolest rubber stamp site today. They have retro designs. Maybe you youngsters won't appreciate them as much as I did but check it out here. I'm going to add the site on my favorites so you can always find the link. I'll have to take my time and really look through the site before making an order. Let me know what you think.

Speaking of new products, I just ordered this. It may become my Crop "Carry it all". The bright yellow color should help me stand out in a crowd. I'll let you know when it comes in or if it arrives in time, I may have it with me at the Scrapbook Shoppe crop on Sunday. I wanted to order it last Friday but couldn't find any dimensions so I sent an inquiry to the company. According to an email I got today: the dimensions of the yellow holder is 14 10/16" wide X 7 3/4" high X 4 1/2 deep. There are 10 containers measuring approximately 1 1/4" X 3 3/4" X 7". Five of the boxes have built in dividers and 5 have no dividers.

Can you tell I've been blog surfing? LOL.

HERO's tonight!!! I caught the cast on Larry King Live Friday night. LK has apparently never watched the show but they did reveal some interesting facts about the cast members. It had been driving me crazy trying to figure out who Claires adopted dad was. I knew, I knew the actor from somewhere. Did you already know?? He was Steven Carrington on Dynasty. DUH!!! They also revealed that the guy who plays the time traveling "Hero" has an IQ of 180 and was on the cover of Newsweek at 12 or 14. He was a CG wiz before deciding to try acting.

Finally watched ER last night and am looking forward to this week.

Several of my show favorites have already had their season finale so I'm looking forward to more free time. Yeh right. It's time for my FX shows to come back. Man, I need to stop watching tv. Maybe then I'd get my scrapping done. ROFLMAO......LOL!! Sorry, I cracked myself up.

More upcoming TV this week....

24 is tonight. This show makes me tired. When will poor Jack get a nap?
House-tomorrow night & I think a new Bones.
AI with Bon Jovi. Can Phil sing Rock? Can Melinda? Can Latisha? Then Wed-TWO down and four will remain. We are getting down to the wire.

Almost forgot..over the weekend we also watched the CSI-Vegas from Thursday. OMG-great show. From Grissom kinda telling Sarah he loves her to the poor boxer that had the longest autopsy in history. We thought it was great that the ME got so much play after reading the article about the actor.

National Scrapbooking Day this weekend. Hope you all have plans to take part in some way. There are lots of on-line events and Several crops around town. I sure hope my pictures arrive before Sunday so I can work on my wedding album. I had to break down and order some through DOT-photo since my printer is still stuck in B & W mode. They had 12 cent Sunday/Monday. I could have gotten them in a couple days from CVS for 15 cents but didn't feel like going to the store and standing at the machine for an hour.

If you haven't read my "OPEN Letter to Martha", check below. I emailed a copy of the post to Marth Stewart Inc. Think they will change their stand on coupons? Doubtful. I was inspired to email them after reading several Yahoo groups that were sending their thoughts to Michaels & MS Inc. So far the people NOT impressed are out numbering those that feel the stuff is worth the NO discount rule. I'm still waiting to hear from my friend Cami. She was going today to check it out. Cami??? What say you??

Well, guess I had more to say than I thought. Better return to my "day job" and we'll talk again soon.

Til later...............


Laurel said...

ROFL about Larry King - he is notorious for doing ZERO research on his guests. Not surprised he has never seen the show...

Cami said...

Hmmm, I went. I saw. I was not "wowed" by any means. The albums are so huge...where the HECK am I gonna put those suckers? No - not worth the 'no discount' rule if you ask me. Not that I thought the stuff was atrocious or anything, but it just wasn't anything special IMO. I can get the same craft knife, the same hole punch, the same shape punch, the same bone folder, the same glitter...WITH A COUPON!!! Could I design with the stuff? Sure I could. Will I be snapping up all her stuff? no - not likely. sorry Martha.

Cami said...

oh, and I think the only reason she is doing the gargantuan albums, papers, paper because she couldn't come up with anything that would stand out in the 12x12 world, so she had to invent her own size. I seriously wonder who is going to invest in all that just to have an album that you can't even put on a bookshelf.

Anonymous said...

I went to my Michael's today and they had nothing new...same old stuff that's been there forever. I walked out with nothing. Then again, it sounds like if they did have the new (Martha) stuff, I STILL would have walked out empty handed! Ew, who wants to scrap 12 x 18? That's ridiculous! Good for you Cheryl for sending the letter to her!