Sunday, April 1, 2007

No fooling

it's April 1st! WOW. I can't believe my DS will be 12 in 7 days. Or that we will have been married for a month in 8 days. (me & DH not me & DS..sillys) Time sure flies!! No tricks for you today. I'll just catch you up on some stuff and then I'm off to play in my scrap room.

We had the mini crop at my clubhouse on Friday night. My buddies, Denise & Nicole joined me so I wasn't talking to myself all night..LOL. I stamped some cute Easter designs for my cards, Denise worked on a 8 x 8 album and Nicole learned how to use the Cricut and the XYRON "X" for mini letters. I'm not sure how she missed out on that great little tool but she is ALL over it now! She made a cute LO of her nephew.

Saturday morning I got up (by myself -with no alarm) at 7am and ran out of the house to check out the neighborhood yard sales. I didn't find a lot of stuff but I did score a Bird Cage Stand for DH and some craft stuff for me. The most exciting thing I found was a small plastic CLOWN whistle. It is a vintage piece that goes perfectly with my Vintage Hard Plastic collection and was only $1. WOW!!!! I haven't looked it up on Ebay but I'm sure it is worth much more and it is in perfect condition.

I came home and then spent several hours just being lazy on the couch with my DH. It was so nice to just relax and spend time together. Unfortunately my mind started racing and I had to got shopping. Those gift certificates from the wedding have been burning a hole in my purse for three weeks!

I headed over to the Super Target and spent the next 3 hours going up & down every aisle. I tried to keep track of what I was spending but I gave up. When I got to the register I separated the "Gifts" from some food I was getting & hoped for the best. I was VERY pleased that after the "gifts" were rung up and the GC's subtracted from the total I only owed.....$3.18.

WAHOO for me. Since I had included a $4 scrapbooking tool I thought that was very good. I came home and took pictures of everything so I can scrap the gifts PLUS the gift knew I'd kept them didn't you??

I got :

DH's Dust Buster...the only thing he requested, Storage cubes for our closet, outside "border" lights to replace the cheap ones I bought when we moved in, a set of Pyrex bake ware with lids, a really GOOD oven mitt (don't laugh-it's what we needed), a super long front door mat (double doors are hard to buy for),

A meat temperature fork to use on the grill (and it got used right away as I'd bought steaks for dinner), a shoe rack (my closet thanks you!) and a new phone.

Thanks again to everyone that contributed to the many GC's we received.

For those of you that are wondering, my DD did try out for the BUCS cheerleading squad but sadly (for her) didn't make it. I must confess, at the risk of ticking her off when she reads this, that I have mixed emotions about her not making the cut. I would have been happy for her as it is a dream of hers but also worried about her. She already has so much on her plate right now that I'm not sure how she would have fit another thing into her schedule. The Bucs have practice 4 times a week, plus games plus appearances plus goodness knows what else. Sorry DD...I'm sad but relieved...don't hate me. Her friend RO is still in as of this morning. She's my new "adopted daughter" so I have mixed feelings for her too. I don't know her schedule but if it is half as busy as DD's, I'll worry about her too. I know DD plans to try out for the USF squad next. I'll be rooting for her as that doesn't seem to be as hectic. I could be wrong but that's what I'm going to tell myself so I don't loose to much more sleep than I already do. I know she is almost an adult but I'm still her's my job to worry.

PAPERTREY Ink released a special addition stamp set at midnight. I checked it out and though it is cute, it's another one I'm going to pass on for now. Speaking of stamps, I spent a great deal of time last night transferring all my acrylics into CD holders. I got almost all of them into the set of 10 holders I bought. I need to go back and label each holder but they are put away for now.

MM IDOL tomorrow...don't forget to check it out. I haven't seen or heard anything about CAMI's entry for this week. I'm sure it is fabulous. I'm going to check her blog next and see if there are any hints.

Did you check out the total on Ali's badge?? WOW. I'm not sure if that was the total at deadline or if it continues to add but they knew where she was yesterday. $47+ thousand for Autism. Super Job. Speaking of Autism, Check out GINA K's blog and Splitcoaststampers. They have a stamp set that donates to the same cause.

Well, this scraproom is not going to clean its self and it is a MESS. I threw everything in it when I got home last Sunday and it hasn't been moved since. I hope you get a chance to create or play today. Enjoy.

Til later............

I almost is the Gator LO I've been promising. The colors aren't showing as green as they really are but you will get the idea. The gator & SNAP are from my Cricut cartridge, Heidi swap chipboard on the journaling, Inked edges to make the gator stand out & 7 gypsy-"Naked" Stamp in the lower right corner.


Jenn said...

I, SOOO, want a dustbuster! LOL I'm glad you had fun at Target shopping. Its fun to shop when you don't have to worry about a bill later from all the shopping! Can't beat $3.18. Good Job.

Tell Jess I said I'm proud of her for taking a risk and better luck next time. We love her!

Great LO, btw

Love ya

Anonymous said...

love the layout Cheryl. Crikey ;) those are big gators!