Friday, March 30, 2007


Not very original I know but I wanted to post and I'm not feeling witty right now, sorry.

Ok, so why didn't you tell me that Greys was a rerun last night?? Actually it worked out fine as we had a Medium to watch and then CSI LV was new...creepy & dark & surprisingly I didn't have a nightmare from it. DH was all ready to protect me from myself and it wasn't needed. Must have been the 30 minute back rub I got before going to sleep that made the difference.

Oh, did I mention, I love my Husband?

I think I have come to grips with the fact I can't get ready for the yard sale and may or may not go out shopping in the morning instead. I usually let my body decide...wake up-go out...sleep in-stay home. Simple but it works.

My DS goes to his dads tonight for 5 days. Nice alone time but will miss the lad. He is amusing. I get grade alerts(thanks Pasco County) and saw he had a 60 average in one of his classes. I checked and it was because of ONE reported test..made a 60 is his grade. I questioned the lad and he said the test was harder than he thought. I suggested he try harder next time and he agreed. He was "Surprised" that getting a 60 could give him a D in his class. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe this math stuff isn't taking. ???

I've decided to work on Easter cards tonight, just in case you have been anxiously waiting for my scrapbooking plans for the "mini crop" tonight or "Scrapbooking by yourself in a big room" I like to call it. I may take the BUG and cut out some stuff. WOW...what excitement.

I hope you all have a super weekend. I'll probably check in with ya so you don't feel lonely. I really want to post my GATOR lo as I think it is great...yes, I love myself. Maybe I'll give you a sneak peak at the Easter cards I create. I did buy some cute stamps at AC Moores last weekend that are begging for ink.

Ok, now I'm just rambling and I do have THREE peoples worth of work waiting for me. Better get it in gear. Oh, before I forget....last 2 days of Ali's efforts on the 6 degrees badge. She is over $31,000. Amazing the power of the internet & one woman. $10 donation is all it takes. Check out the link at the bottom of my page.

Also, don't forget to set your clocks to go to MM Idol on Monday and see what Cami has come up with for the next level. We can't stop the madness that is Sanjaya but we CAN vote for an amazing woman and talent..CAMI B.

Til Later.............

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Kip said...

I felt the same way about that CSI show- I was jumping out of my chair!!!