Friday, March 2, 2007

Twofer Friday

Lots happening and a BUSY weekend coming so these two posts might be all you get to hold you over.

AI last night, another easy guess on who was going home. It's getting boring being able to tell by the way they are seated. We had already predicted before the show and as soon as we saw where "our" people were sitting, we were sure we were right. Looking forward to next week and then getting down to the nitty gritty. BTW, how sensitive is Sundance Head?? He cried more than the people getting booted. *****BTW2..even B4 Ryan S. made his comment last night, I asked HSS if it looked like Kelly Pickler had gotten herself a new set of "girls". I don't remember her having that much cleavage last year on the show. I fell off the couch laughing when Ryan asked her what she'd done with her Idol money and she said, "Bought new shoes". He asked her if that was all??? but she acted dumb and kept saying "shoes".******

Took the rings to the jewelry store yesterday. They are getting engraved and I can pick them up tomorrow. Hopefully they print the inscription correctly, I could barely read the sales clerks handwritting.

Bought HSS a Black dress shirt. Guess we'll play dress up this weekend to decide which shirt will be the "one".

I found another dress!!!!! It looks much more like a wedding outfit but it is one that needs a full slip from shoulder to feet. Those are usually hard to find or very expensive. I'm going to try both on and decide which one I like best. The other goes back. Luckily they both came from Bealls Outlet and even though I bought the first one in Lakeland, the sales clerk said I can return it to the Brandon store if I decide I don't like it.

Started working on the reception invites. The punch I got yesterday was harder to get perfect than I'd hoped but they turned out ok. I embossed a bunch of red cardstock while watching Idol last night. This weekend I will get them together or at least try & make a big dent. That's the one good thing about the wedding and reception being two weeks apart...more time to get stuff done!

I hope you have a great weekend. My DS is at his dads so I can concentrate on wedding stuff. One of my Yahoo groups is having a Cyber Crop & Bingo this weekend. Wish I could participate but I have my priorities.

Til later..............


Cami said...

Hope you have a great weekend Cheryl! I can't believe it's the last weekend before you get hitched! :)

DH and I also got a good laugh out of what Ryan said to Kelly. I had commented on her hair and DH said he hadn't noticed (cuz he couldn't stop looking at her bosom!) lol....

Jenn said...

Verry good job on the cards. Very pretty.