Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gators & Idol

*****EDITED to add pictures***************

I've been thinking about what I would post regarding the Idol results last night. I'm so disgusted I can't even think of a way to describe how I felt watching that train wreck last night. The thing that makes me the maddest is what these "WORST" people are doing to peoples lives. I truly hope that Stephanie makes it BIG-despite..inspite..for spite of getting kicked off so early. I agree it wasn't her best performance but GOOD GRIEF least she can SING!!!!

Now, to change to the subject to Other reptiles.....We have a pond next to our house and we had seen a gator in it when we moved in. He/she was fair size, maybe 3-4 feet long. No big deal because we'd had a gator in the pond at the apartment. Granted this pond is MUCH closer to our house than the Apartment pond had been but we weren't concerned.

Sunday, after the reception, I brought several couples over to the house to show it off. I figured if they had driven so far to attend the reception, and hadn't ever been to the house, the least I could do is give then a short tour. When we got to the house I saw the "other" gator we had recently started seeing. He/she is MUCH BIGGER than the one we saw last October. We guesstimate at least 8 ft. Well, our friends found him frightening. LOL. They were freaking out and said we should call Animal control. My neighbors had joined us on the ponds edge and agreed "Something should be done". We finished out tour and went back to the reception to finish cleaning up.

I don't know if my neighbor called about "Darth Gator" but we had an interesting event happen yesterday. My DH stepped out the front door to check on the lawn care (just spraying stuff...not Actual Lawn care-we aren't rich remember) and on the front walk way about 3 feet from the front door was a baby alligator. He said it was just staring up at him as he stared down at it. DH picked up the "walking stick" that DS has near the door and kind of poked at it. He said it Hissed at him and snapped at the stick, breaking off the tip. DH poked at it again & it turned and started moving back down the side walk. DH went back inside to get the camera (I've trained him well) and by the time he got back it had gone under the big palm tree/bush at the front of the house. He took some shots of it hiding under the bush and then kinda poked at it again and it headed for the pond.

Here is another picture of the little guy as he ran for the pond.

We leave for the scrapbooking retreat tomorrow night and I haven't packed a thing. NOT GOOD. I must do that tonight. Guess I'll have to listen to Greys and the other shows while working on getting ready.

DS got the schedule for his new "restriction" yesterday. I'm sure he was hoping to get off completely but we really want him to learn from this experience. I don't hold out any hope that he will be on ANY kind of restriction at his dads house and frankly, I don't feel like fighting with him right now. I'm just hoping we are instilling enough "discipline" for all of us.

DS also had his first "fillings" today at the dentist. Thankfully they were such shallow cavities they decided to not even numb him. He said afterwards that he almost cried at one point but then he talked to himself and got calmed down. I told him I was really proud of him for that. I took him to school and I hope he feels OK. He really can't afford to miss any assignments.

Anything else exciting happening?? Can't think of any more right now so guess I'll go do some work. 95% of the people are in a meeting so it's very quiet right now. Hope they are out's boring when they are all gone.
Til later...............
***UPDATED***Apparently Big Daddy/Momma decided to come up on the near bank and sun it's self today while I was at work. My DH got the Big camera with the long lense so he could get these pictures with out getting to close...good thinking.

and this is a really close up. YIKES!!!


Jenn said...

Ok! We were 2 feet from the waters edge when we were there. I know now that I won't be THAT close to the tiny pond. You do know that if there is a Mama having babies out there...that means you have trouble. Mama Alligators are much more aggressive to protect her eggs. I don't see how that big of alligators are comfortable in that small pond but I have to admit I am a little freaked out. I am just happy Larry walked out to see the baby and not the big daddy!

Trudie Lloyd said...

Ummm Cheryl maybe you should call animal control before the entire gator family takes over your yard.

Can't wait for pics of the retreat weekend!