Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm BACK on line

I can't believe how behind I am due to the Internet being out at work almost the entire week. Don't these people realize I need to check in on my peeps during the day? I haven't been able to check my bank blog friends....any contests....Tons of stuff! I've had to WORK all week. Bummer. I've been so busy or sleepy at home that I haven't been able to log on there either. I have missed you guys!! I'm almost caught up on my sleep from the weekend and am looking forward to getting back in my routine.

Now to try & catch you all up on my thoughts...LOL

OK, AI is on my last nerve. I heard someone yesterday say that they had figured out that the person sitting NEXT to Sanjaya is the one who is kicked off. Last night that would have been Hailey. She ended up in the bottom two but then they booted Chris. He was sitting at the end of the row & S was the opposite end of the row. Trickers. I can't even talk about this season without getting a head ache so I'm going to move on now.

OMG....LOST last night....WOW. Great ending!!! Can't wait to see what Greys has to offer tonight. I figured out last week that the gal who's face got smashed in the Ferry accident is being played by the actress who was the main female on SAVED. It has been driving me crazy. I knew the voice but the makeup was to thick until this past week. Speaking of SAVED...where are all my TNT shows?? Closer....Rescue Me...Saved????

CONGRATS to my friend Cami for making it to the TOP 10 of MM Idol. THANKS to everyone that voted for her. Please check the MM site on Monday and see what she has come up with next. I haven't heard anything about her idea for this week so I'm excited to see what she comes up with.

Did I tell you that DS got semi off restriction last week when the report cards came out? He had pulled up his Midterm grades from 3 C's 2 D's & an F C, One D and three B's. Pretty good since the F class didn't have many grade-able assignments after mid term so he couldn't pull it up any higher. Well, we decided to "ramp Up" his privileges. The first week he got his phone and TV back but the TV was only a few hours a day and bedtime was still at 9:30. Within two days of having TV again, DH caught him----remote in hand, watching TV at 10:15pm. We had gone to bed early and told him to watch the time to get to bed when required. DH got up to get some water and saw the lights flickering under the bedroom door. BUSTED!!! So he lost the TV again but will get it back tonight. He goes to his dads this Friday for the weekend end and will stay there for the first few days of Spring break. I'm sure he is looking forward to the total vacation from punishment.

If anyone is on the area, we are having a mini crop at the clubhouse of my subdivision tomorrow night. Starts at 6:30-7pm and we can only stay till 11pm. I need to call the clubhouse dude to verify it's still on. We got the newsletter for April and once again...NO MENTION of the scrapbooking night-despite his assurance it is down for the 4th Friday of EVERY month. He has yet to get it printed in the newsletter so I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to know about it. He does have it on one of the entrance signs. I guess I'll go down there and work on my wedding pictures. If anyone is interested in joining me, email me direct for details.

Speaking of my neighborhood, they are having their community Yard Sale this Saturday. I have stuff I need to get rid of but haven't had a chance to go through the boxes to get it ready..not to mention I want to SHOP myself. ARG....what to do???

Work has been crazy as I'm filing in for a secretary that quit plus doing my own my co=worker has taken ANOTHER week the beginning of the month...when we have MOST of our work. This is the 2nd month in a row and the fourth time total. I wouldn't be so ticked about getting slammed with her work load too if she would at least THANK ME!!! She just schedules her vacation and assumes I will cover for her...since she knows I have NO choice....and then smiles and waves as she leaves on her last day. NO mention of the burden she is placing on me and no thanks when she gets back. ARG!!!!! Maybe if I got a vacation I wouldn't mind so much. Since I have no benefits, I get no paid time off. Bitter?? Little bit. Sorry.

I am so behind on my blog reading. I really can't believe how much I've missed. I see that Ali E is up to 28 grand with a couple more days to go. AWSOME!!!!

I hope everyone that has been sick or has had sick kids are doing better. I still have my sinus headache from the weekend but it's not as bad as it was. I love the weather this time of year but my head doesn't.

Guess that's all I can think of for now. For those of you who are worried about our Gator friend...he is apparently still around. He's been wondering between the two ponds. He was out of the water yesterday and clean but before DH could snap a picture he was dirty again. He confirmed he is as HUGE as we thought. As long as he stays off my front step, I'm ok with him/her being around. I always check before I walk outside. Guess if I'd clean out the garage so I could park my car in it..I wouldn't have to worry about walking outside. It's easier to check for Gators ...LOL

Till later....................

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Jenn said...

American Idol....I have no words! I think this show is going down the toliet. If HE does win AI then they will have to end the show or completely change the voting systems. I've heard there is ways people are voting that causes mass votes and helps some of these kids go on. I dunno! I just think its total bs!

Mike is liking restriction huh! LOL He's getting to a tough age...pre-teen are not fun! I remember my sister at that age...very, very stressful. (As I am sure I was!) He has a bday coming next weekend, any plans?