Friday, March 23, 2007

Retreat here we come!

I think I'm ready. I packed last night while trying to listen to GA's. I may have missed some good stuff on Greys but I'm packed. I used lots of little totes (what scrapbooker doesn't have LOTS of totes they have collected?) instead of a HUGE one. I'm thinking it will be easier to stuff those under my feet or in my lap if needed. I have a small duffle bag of clothes and will have a bag-o-food. I'm not sure how much room we each have in the car so really hope my stuff will fit. I'm the last to be picked up. I know Cami is bring the kitchen sink so she has everything she needs to work on this weeks MM Idol challenge..LOL. Can't wait to watch her at work.

We are supposed to have a Lap top with us but I'm not sure how much posting I'll get done.

Have a super weekend, be kind to others and check back here Monday for a wrap up of the 3 Gals & their scrapbooking adventure.

If you missed the Gator posts..make sure you scroll down.

Also, ALI E. is at almost 1000 donations and is over the $21,000 mark. WOW. The 31st is the deadline to donate to have it count towards her being the TOP badge. The way she is going, she is sure to get the $10 Grand "Match" by KB's foundation. WTG ALI. HI- Simon!!!! Her link is at the bottom of this blog. Check it out & Thanks!

Til later............

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