Monday, March 19, 2007

I need a nap

I am so tired and I didn't really do anything yesterday. Well that's not entirely true but I shouldn't be so wiped out. I think it is all the stuff leading up to the last couple weeks have caught up with me. I promised my hubby I would spend a couple nights just sitting on the couch with him. Of course then I remembered Karate tonight and the CDD meeting tomorrow.....arg! I'm going to the scrapping retreat this weekend so I really need to get some rest soon & spend time time with my sweetheart.

How can I describe how wonderful CARI, Denise, Cami, DD & Rochelle were yesterday?? They went above and beyond helping to make the reception a wonderful, beautiful event. I had my doubts at 11:30 when I spoke to DD and she was JUST LEAVING the USF area and was supposed to be pulling into the subdivision!!!! My wonderful friends stepped up, came early and stayed late to set up...served..cleaned up and got us out of the clubhouse on time. WOW. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I felt so bad when I realized that Cari & Denise were not following us to the house like I thought and that meant I hadn't said goodbye or thank you! I'm glad I could reach them by cell phone but I still wish I could have given them a BIG HUG. I'm so glad CAMI took time to come and then pitched in to help.....especially when she has been so sick and had her MM IDOL challenge to finish. (GO NOW TO THE WEBSITE AND VOTE foir's monday!!!!)

I've thanked Nicole for the use of her house but it is worth another mention. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I need to give you back your key.

I really appreciate everyone that came to the reception. MANY of you traveled very far and I was very touched that you shared our day. I was so frazzzeled that I may not have had a chance to visit but I really am glad you were there. I can't wait to see the pictures. I know I forgot to get pictures with everyone I wanted to. I'm sorry. I needed to be two or three people to get everything done that I wanted to.

THANKS for all the wonderful gifts, gift certificates..etc. I actually sat down and wrote all the thank you cards last night. Now if I could just find the book of stamps I just bought. It must be with my Debit card that I still can't find.

MICHELE & Mom....thank you so much for coming to the dinner and reception. I realized later we didn't get more pictures! Darn it. I'm sure Mom is glad since she doesn't like to be photographed but I should have insisted. MICHELE...I understand you worked your butt off helping while I was at the house. THANK YOU!!!! I really appreciate it. I'm really sorry that we couldn't visit longer at the house afterwards. Poor hubby had crashed and burned. Imagine trying to entertain with one of your Migrains times 10. He really enjoyed seeing you and feels bad that he couldn't spend more time together. PLEASE come back out soon. Maybe we can cook out. We'll just time the meds better next time.

OMG............very special additional THANK YOU to Cari for the beautiful album, all the pictures and the amazing DVD/CD of the pictures set to "Our Song". Your gift is priceless. I can't wait to get scrapping all the memories!!

****I got a chance to watch the "Departed" last night. ***kn weird and Bloody!!!! It was classic Jack and "Martin". The performances by Leo D. & Matt D. were amazing. I'm glad I saw it on PPV cause I had my eyes closed for half the time.***

I'm off to check out Cami's entry in this weeks MM IDOL. I'm sure it is great. I sure hope she moves on. We will be spending the weekend together and it will be fun to watch her create the next challenge.

THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till later.................


Cami said...

What a lovely reception Cheryl - I am SO glad I was able to come and share your special day with you!! You definitely deserve a nap after these past couple weeks! :)

Michele L from Tampa said...

Welcome. Had a great time. It is ok, I understand the whole dirty word pain! Will try to get back out again soon. Cody did them last night for you. So they are here!

Kip said...

You do sound beat girl and no wonder with all that has been happening lately. Take a rest and get ready for the weekend!

Jenn said...

Heard things went well. Glad that you had a nice reception.

BTW, I'm glad you watched "The Departed". I warned you about the violence,lol. I recommend "Babel" too.