Sunday, March 18, 2007

Have I forgotten anything?

I've been running down the list of things for todays Reception/celebration.

Signs painted---Check
Food prepared--Check
Center pieces made--Check
Pictures printed & framed--check
People coming to help set up--check
Punch bowl & punch fixings-check
cake--going to pick up at 11am

What am I going to wear?? NO CLUE. It is alittle cool today but the weather man says it is supposed to get up in the 70's. ARG!!!! One of the most important things and I have no idea. I had thought about wearing the sweater DD gave me for Christmas. Maybe I will try it on and see how I feel.

OK......getting off the computer now. MUST start moving towards getting in the shower and on my way for picking up the cake. It's 9:45 am. I should be golden. Fingers crossed.

I hope to have pictures to share soon but I may take a few days off to spend quality time with my Husband. I am going away this coming weekend and have been busy with stuff since BEfore the wedding. I miss just sitting calmly on the couch and watching TV. He has The Departed" on DVR and was a little disappointed when I couldn't watch it last night. Maybe tomorrow...the stupid basketball tourney should have our shows on RErun for a while.

BTW....BLOGGERS on my Favorites list....Blog something Darn it!!!! What, you have more important things to do than give me something to read??? Haven't we had the "It's all about ME" discussion???? LOL.

Til later.............

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Jenn said...

The Departed is an excellent movie, you must find the time to watch it. It's a bit graphic but I thought DiCaprio did a great job as did Matt Damon.

I hope today is going excellent. Much Love
jenn & the boys