Thursday, March 22, 2007

Greys quiz

In honor of GREYS THURSDAY......I found this on a stampers blog I enjoy; I can't do it on my work computer so will have to wait until I get between my packing and watching the actual show. The quiz is supposed to tell you which GREYS character you are most like.

Let me know who you "are".

*****Edited...the Gator pictures are posted below. My Greys Character is IZZIE...after last weeks show-I'm not to sure I like that!!*****

Til later.......

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Jules said...

Cheryl, E and I are considering changing our last name by adding a Greek ending and converting from ECLA Lutheran to Greek Orthodox so we fit in better with our neighbors in our new

We move April 30 and I leave on the Hilltop Cruise May 3...good timing, right?