Sunday, March 11, 2007

As promised

I will give you a detailed reporting of our wedding day and other events. I took a lazy day. I apologize if you've been checking here and been disappointed that I didn't post yet.

Ok, first off-the weather was PERFECT. About 75 at wedding time, wispy white cloud on a blue sky. Slight breeze. Perfect. My DD arrived at the house about 3pm and we finished getting ready. We took a few pictures in front of the house before we left for the school.
We took separate cars, boys in one car..girls in the other. My DD needed to get gas so we stopped and my new step son got out and pumped it for her. We were very impressed. (I found out later that his dad, my HSS, had told him to to it so my HSS actually deserves the "AHHHHHHHH, how sweet"..LOL)

We arrived at the school just a little later than originally planned. My friend, Carol, who was "marrying us" was already there and met us at the front of the school. We noticed someone just inside one of the front doors so we headed over to see if he would let us in. He did and I explained what we were there to do. I asked if there was a way he could get us into the area that would take us upstairs to the balcony. He said he'd have to go get someone and a few minutes later came back with a Mr. D-guidance counselor. I explained to Mr. D our mission and he said he'd have to get an administrator as he didn't have the authority. We waited while he walked down the LONG hallway. The kids enjoyed looking at all the trophy cases of which, HHS has a lot of. Mr. D finally came back and told us that an administrator would be along in a few minutes.
About that time we found out that the Drama class was finishing up their rehearsals so we decided to go ahead and go into the auditorium while waiting for the OK. After a few more minutes of debate if was voted that we begin the ceremony as we'd probably be finished LONG before anyone got back to us.

We headed up the stairs and got into the balcony only to discover that the lights were off and it was a little to dark for photographs. Our friend and photographer suggested that we have the ceremony outside so the pictures would turn out. Not wanting to give up yet, I yelled down to one of the remaining Drama students and explained who we were and what we wanted to do and asked if he could get the lights turned back on for a few minutes. He went back stage and the next thing we knew the Drama teacher was on the stage looking up at us. I explained again what our goal was and that we were alumni and could we please have lights for a few minutes. He got a little testy and said that "NO one had told him anything about this". I explained that not really anyone knew what we were going to do and that if he could just give us a few minutes we'd be gone and he could leave. He walked away and the lights came on. The drama students were appreciative of our story and that made us feel better.

Carol had donned the graduation robe we'd brought and looked very official. She had pasted her "script" into a binder and looked very much the part of an official. She said her part and then it was our turn to give and receive rings. I had printed a little "speech" for us to say and we decided I would go first. I got about half way through the first line and choked up. I took a deep breath and tried again, still not doing a very good job. I took a deeper breath and was able to get the rest of the words out. I was terrified that I would drop the ring (or myself) off the balcony but I managed to avoid doing either.

My HSS was next and he said everything perfectly. My rings gave us a bit of trouble but we managed to finally get them on.

Carol then pronounced us Husband and Wife and we got to kiss. The kids applauded. We took a few pictures and then decided we should get out of the building and take the rest of the pictures in the Public-front yard.

Cari took about 350 pictures and I've only seen a few but what I've seen looks great. Here are a couple she emailed me tonight. The one at the beginning of this post is from today's email too.

I LOVE all of the ones she sent.
The one of my DD & DS to the right almost made me cry when I saw it.
Isn't my new Step Son HANDSOME?? !!!!! We are going to start calling him GQ boy!
After picture taking, we headed to the restaurant. On the way we called HSS's mom to tell her it was finally official. She was still feeling sick but was very happy to get the news. She has been our biggest fan and was happier for us than we were, if that is possible.

We arrived at the restaurant only 10 minutes later than planned and a table full of my friends were already there. They all clapped when we arrived. It was so great to finally introduce my HUSBAND to my friends.
Dinner was great, the restaurant owner had done a super job of decorating the tables in our school colors. The guitar player had learned "our song" and played it for us. Everyone started eating and a good time was had by all. I even got up and helped the staff sing Happy Birthday to a couple people.
My family came, including my Nephew that was supposed to be at a meeting. It was really fun seeing all the kids together. Poor JH isn't really used to having sibs (his half brother is older than him and it was only the two of them when he came over for visitation weekends) DD & DS were "fighting" as they do and he was alittle taken a funny way. I really wish he lived down here so they could get to know each other and become close.

After awhile the evening had to come to an end and everyone started filing out. We thanked the restaurant Owner and the staff for a great night.

(((BTW-if you are looking for a nice place to go to eat and live near BBD-check out "The Tampa Brickyard" and tell Tim I sent you)))

Friday I spent most of the day getting papers finalized and name changes done. Yesterday I went to the all day crop and had a blast with my Scrapyard friends. Today was a recoup day before the busy week starts. Tomorrow I will start getting things done for the reception next Sunday. ARG!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the recap and the photos. I'll share more as I get them.

OH yeah, guess who had their first busted window today from a GOLF ball going through it?? YEP. Scared us half to death as it sounded like a HUGE explosion.
Guy didn't even apologize let alone offer any financial assistance for the repair. He said that's what we get for living on a golf course and why we have Homeowners insurance.
Uh Dude...Understand..but an apology would have been nice! Sure glad no one was standing at the kitchen sink when the ball came crashing through.
Till later......


Lisa D:) said...

Everything sounds just perfect Cheryl, and I'm so glad! What a beautiful family! The pics are great!
My 4 yo niece was hit in the head by a golfball two weeks ago. Scared us all to death but she was okay...just a bruise on the bridge of her nose. We never did find the person who hit the ball.

Michele L from Tampa said...

i will have to add those into my myspace photos. love the one of Justin! Yep wish he lived closer too, great young man! Probably scared him a little bit when Jessica and I were flipping out at the end of the evening, but he laughed so I think it was all good. Atleast I hope it was.

Jenn said...

Hey there, I love those pics! I think I need a pic of Jess & Michael for a frame! That is the sweetest picture of them.

I'm glad things went well. Sounds like you had a great day.

And what do you expect from a Georgia boy, lol He's a good ole' boy with good southern looks! I have 3 lil guys I'm grooming to be Southern Gentlemen, hopefully, lmao.

Love you