Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tagged by KIP

I love reading KIPS blog and am excited she has started reading mine..BUT....now she has tagged me. LOL If you wish you can skip this post unless you are interested in my scrapbooking details.

I have to tag someone next so scroll to the bottom to see if you got the lucky nod.

How long have you been scrapping? about 6 years under the NEW scrapbooking craze. I have childhood "scrapbooks" and even when I just put pictures in those "Cling" albums I always Journaled. Really helps now that I'm trying to transfer them to official scrapbooks.

What one word describes your scrapping style? Simple but I'm trying to branch out. My goal is to use chipboard..LOL.

How many times have you been published? None yet. Maybe if I'd submit something I'd have a chance.

Would you rather do layouts or make cards? Tough question. I LOVE to make LO's but I've really gotten into card making lately. I've bought MANY new stamps for card making & then my trusty Cricut is Great for doing both.

Do you paper craft? Some

Have you tried or converted to digital scrapping yet? NO..I have to much stuff to go digital!! Plus I like the FEEL of making LO's.

What’s your least favorite layout ever? The one I did after I had Lasik. Hate the picture.

What’s your most favorite layout ever? The ones I did of Hillsborough High School-revisit.

Do you consider yourself a poor, fair or great journaler? Great. I'm wordy in case you couldn't tell..LOL.

Do you follow the trends or scrap for yourself? Scrap for myself but experiment alittle with some trends.

What’s the worst scrapbook product you ever purchased? Silent setter or MM Tag maker. BOTH went back to the store.

What’s your favorite scrapbooking tool? My Crop-a-dile

Do you scrap better alone or with others? I get more done when I'm alone but I really enjoy scrapping with my friends. They are great inspiration.

Are you on any design teams? No..again with the "If I'd apply" thing.

If the “industry” came to a halt today, would you continue scrapping exactly as you do today? Oh yeah!

What’s on your scrapbook desk this very moment? Wedding stuff!!!

What’s your favorite thing about scrapping? The hands-on process and the products and the end result!

OK, now to tag someone.......I'm going to pick people that don't normally get tagged...Lisa D, Denise, Sue in PA, Lisa from TLC. If you don't have a blog...just send me an email so I can see your answers.

Til later............