Thursday, March 15, 2007

Windows & Cakes & AI & Anniversarys

Update on's ordered and will be ready Sunday morning. I ended up ordering a Sheet cake with a round cake stuck on the top. It should be fine for the purpose of pictures and then we can send it home with our friends if need be.

I was told by our neigbors and confirmed this morning that golfers ARE responsible for breaking your windows. I would have needed to get the mans insurance information, address, Drivers license info..cart number ..something to tie him to the crime and then contacted the Pro Shop right away. So now we know for the next time...hopefully there won't be a next time. I just hope I'm home so I can follow the person back to the pro shop if needed.

My wonderful neighbor & scrappin buddy, Nicole, has generously offered the use of her refridge to store reception foods so I will go shopping this afternoon. Now I can put the trays together ahead of time and not be going crazy on Saturday or Sunday morning. THANKS NICOLE!!!!!

My DD is due back from her Panama City spring break fun today. I can't wait to see her and hear all about her least what ever she will share with me! She hasn't seen the pictures from the wedding and she is BEAUTIFUL in all of them! I also need to nail her down about how many Sorority Sisters are going to help on Sunday. I really don't want to set up, serve and clean up after all by myself!

Not to much else to report except today is our ONE WEEK anniversary. WOW, time flies when you are happy.

I almost forgot...AI last night....???? what the ???? All we can say is that the "teenie boppers" are calling their little fingers off to keep Sanjya (spelling??) still in it. I'm not saying that Brandon shouldn't have gone home but COME ON!!!!! It's like Chicken Little-Kevin from last year. He was cute and we loved him but he stayed long past his ability thanks to the website that promoted his votes. We agree that "S" sounds like his Microphone isn't turned up correctly or the sound mix is off. I am glad that Haley got another chance. She still isn't Idol material but she should stay at least a while longer.

NEW Greys tonight and the rest of the shows are reruns. There is a new Jeff Goldblum show, might be OK but I'm sure it is on when another favorite usually airs. It will have to be really good to make the DVR rotation.

Til later................

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