Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Idol news du

That is supposed to mean "Two" but I didn't know how to spell it. Sorry.

First, I'm very sad to report that my buddy, Cami, did not advance to the final round of MM Idol. I personally think she was robbed but I guess there isn't anything I can do about it. Two of the three people left had semi-OK entries. The third.....well , lets just say that I do not understand what some people "like". I personally think it was busy and UGLY. Again, my opinion. I guess I should root for the "other hometown gal" but I didn't root for the GATORS in football or basketball and I'm not going to vote for the other gal. She already has enough friends and support..however misguided. Different tastes ....right to your opinion and all that.

Ok, enough about that.

Now, the OTHER idol I didn't throw up last night listening to Sanjaya. That doesn't mean for a second that I'm changing my opinion that he should have been gone weeks ago. I've always said he can sing soft songs..he is just not cut out to be a performer on a large scale. It should be interesting to see the voting results tonight.

I think I'll go eat the big fat laden chocolate donut that is sitting on my desk. I tell myself every morning that I'm not going to eat anything bad and then it's someones birthday and they bring in cake, sweets etc..I cave.

Til later..............

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Jenn said...

Yeah, I was almost ashamed to admit that I didn't think Sanjaya was half bad last night. We get it! He can sing ballads and softer music but that doesn't appeal to EVERYONE. Honestly, there isn't anyone that I'm really excited about this season. Last year I was ALL for Chris Daughtry and I really like his music now. This year, I dunno, just not the same. Maybe Idol is coming to a close. They will have to STEP It up if there will be another season, IMO.