Friday, April 13, 2007

Gorilla in a tree

My DS has his fathers sense of humor...none.

Well, that is not true entirely..he THANKFULLY has some of my dry humor but for the most part-doesn't get alot of the jokes we tell. Last night at dinner he was telling us a few jokes he'd heard at school and that started a "joke" telling festival. After dinner my hubby told him a joke and then had the boy come tell me. I'd heard the joke before but let him tell it all the way through to see if he remembered it. The best part of the joke was when he got to the punch line and started laughing but then you could SEE the light bulb come on as he REALLY got the punch line. He started laughing so hard we were both crying! For your is the joke...." has animals being harmed in the joke..."

A man was eating breakfast one morning and he looks out his window and sees a Gorilla in his back yard and watches as it climbs into a large tree. He goes to the Yellow Pages and calls a "Gorilla exterminator". The GE comes out and brings a ladder, a shotgun and a dog named Lamar. The man says, "I understand why you have the ladder but what are the other things for?". The GE explains that he is going to climb up into the tree and shake it to make the Gorilla fall out of the tree. When the Gorilla falls to the ground, the dog is going to bite him on the "private parts" to hold him until the GE can get down and finish the capture. The man says, "OK, I understand the dog now but what is the shotgun for?". The GE says, "Well, in the unlikely event that when I shake the tree...I fall are to shoot Lamar".

Wait for it........................

OK, in an equal opportunity joke telling effort.....

There was a blonde speeding down the highway when she was stopped by a Blonde cop. The cop asks for her License. The blonde driver asks what it looks like. The Blonde cop tells her it is square and has your picture on it. The Blonde searches her purse, finds a square mirror..looks at it and then hands it to the cop. The blonde cop looks in the mirror for a minute..hands it back to the driver and says.....

You can go..I didn't realize you were a Cop too.

That's right folks....I'm here all week.

So, what are you all doing this weekend? My DS is testing for his Orange belt in Karate tomorrow morning. I have my Jolees Karate embellishments sitting on the scrapbook table at the ready. Tomorrow night is the crop at Double D's....that's actually pretty funny if you have ever seen my friends chest....LOVE YA DEE!!!! Should be a hoot. We are going to celebrate..morn the end of Cami's run on MM Idol. Perhaps I should just leave the scrapbooking stuff at home and accept right now that we will NOT be getting anything done. Seriously, I just got some of the Dinner & Reception pictures from my buddy Cari so I do have things to scrap if I choose. We'll see. It will just be great to get together with the gals. They are always alot of fun.

Hope you all have a super weekend. I'll try and post some pictures of the karate kid and Wedding part 2 & 3 soon.

Sister Michele...hope your head is feeling better. Say hello to MOM. Tell her I haven't forgotten her-just super busy and kinda crabby. Didn't want to inflict that on anyone unnecessarily.

Til Later...............


Michele L from Tampa said...

Funny thing was I got the Gorilla one had to re-read the blonde one lol. Have fun scrapping - tell everyone hello. I am scrapping tomorrow and working Sunday night. Cant wait to see the other pictures.

love ya

Jenn said...

LMAO Ok! You are so funny. The warning before the jokes cracked me up. The jokes were cute too, lol

Our weekend will just be played out by ear. Josh wasn't suppopsed to come home tonight but not he will be since it is supposed to storm. I have a doctors appt. in the a.m. and may go to my friends yard sale. Sunday is Church. I'm sure I'll be cleaning and doing laundry most of the time as well. Fun stuff!!! Next week is SPRING BREAK and I'll be off all week to sit with the boys. I WILL BE going NUTS by the 23rd when they return to school. I am SO PRO-YearRound School.

Cami said...

LOL...loved your jokes (har-dee-har-har!)

Sorry I've been absent - I've been taking it easy this week. First of all..OMG -that gator! eek! We have a gator right across the streen in the pond at the PARK! This is where kids play...I wish they'd find somewhere else for him...I kindof love having my children around.

Can't wait for tomorrow night! Whether I scrap or not - who knows. But I plan on having fun! I'll bring my new MM new trimmer and shoulder tote. They are really nice!