Thursday, April 12, 2007

One more down--Sanjaya to go

Bye, bye Haley. You took the space of more talented people for weeks longer than you should have. Now if you would have taken the Myth that is Sanjaya with you....Oh well. While on the subject of people that need to go......can someone please convince Phil S that wearing a huge cap-cocked over one ear is NOT a good look. He is another contestant that I have to listen to with my eyes closed. He sounds good but the hat is just silly! I always hate to make a comment on "looks" since I've said several times that we shouldn't judge people on their looks.....he looks Ok (still not pulling off the bald thing as well as Chris Daughtry) but...the hat is beyond distracting.

Country Music next week....YEEHAW!! I like Country music and will be curious to see how the remaining contestants pull it off.

Not alot else going on. DS is testing for his Orange belt on Saturday. That will be exciting. He has done well since starting in January. I really like the fact that they work the kids out before starting their lessons and the SemPi (?? spelling) teaches them respect. Respect for others and for themselves. Now if the boy could learn to do a push up without sticking his butt way up in the air! LOL. He is only "pumping" his butt up & down..not using his arms at all. To funny!

Big crop at my friend Dees house this Saturday night. It's a duo birthday celebration for her and her (& my) friend Deirdre. Should be fun.

The weather has been crazy this week and last night we had a SUPER bad T-Storm. Really lit up the sky for awhile. Thankfully nothing seems to have been damaged.

I'm almost afraid to mention this...but a NEW gator has claimed the spot left by Darth's removal. DH says it's smaller and may be the one that we saw when we first moved in last fall. Guess he moved up to the "Top Dog" position and has come out of hiding. I haven't seem him yet. Guess I need to start watching my front walk again.

Till Later................

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Jenn said...

Ohhh American Idol... Ohhhh What do we do? Sanjaya...he'll be in the top 5, possibly the top 3. Just wait and see! Phil's head isn't as nice as Chris Daughtry but I LOVE Chris Daughtry! Phil is in some branch of the service so that may be to blame for his shaved head. (I guess he didn't see the memo where you could leave SOME hair) I think that Phil will be biting the dust next week.

I am going to be waiting to see how Sanjaya pulls of coutry week! His style & His choice of song will be extremely interesting. I tink that Jordan & Melinda will do good if they go with a big song from Faith or Martina, they have the chops to pull it off.

I know that we aren't supposed to judge the idols on appearance but lets face it... "we" are a superficial nation and the big named "POP stars" are mostly beautiful people. Our Country votes on the looks. Why else is Sanjaya still there?? Those preteen girls are goo-goo over that lil guy.

Ok, I've posted enough on AI!