Sunday, April 22, 2007

Odds & ends

I'm going to try & post a few pictures I've been promising.
First is the great find I got at the Scrapbook/rubber stamping Yard Sale I went to last Saturday. I got this Junkitz bag signed by Tim Holtz, a pack of Gloss Cardstock, a
unopened pack of Distressing inks and 6 other bottles of ink, a handle and package of felt pads, a bottle of Ranger Sepia accents and two bottles of Alcohol Blending solution....
for $18. WOWZA!!!

I also picked up some Tech Tuesday acrylic stamps and some other wooden stamps for backgrounds. Since that was the day of DS's Karate test I didn't have alot of time to shop. Probably a good thing as I could have spent a fortune.

Speaking of DS, he got his Orange belt on Friday night. Check it out...

Here he is with his SemPi-Ken.

Yesterday I went to my friend Cari's house for a Pampered Chef/Two sisters party. It was a nice afternoon with the gals. On the way home I stopped at Target to get three more boxes of the outside lights to finish the walk way. (they went on sale TODAY and I've already gotten my price match refund) Anyway...........While there, I was looking around the $1 spot and was surprised and excited to see they had the DOCUMENT boxes back in stock. The document boxes were a huge deal last year as every scrapper/crafter all over the world (or so it seemed) were looking in their Target for them. They are great to store unmounted/acrylic stamps in. I had a hard time getting any last year but yesterday I bought 27 of them. I called my friend Cami to see if you wanted any because she was looking for them last time too. She said she'd take some so I bought a case plus what they had on the shelf. The stock guy said I could have more but I was afraid to buy many until I could see how many I'd need and ask they are colored this year instead of clear like last year. I got Green & Blue. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Besides the document boxes I ran across another great find...Yep, a little "paint can" full of Prima flowers with a container of chipboard shapes on the lid...for $2.46. I wish there had been more but they only had two in the clearance section.

It's dinner time and we've decided to try and find a Chinese place to pick up take out. Hopefully I can find a decent place since we live in the sticks.
"Extreme Home make over" looks like a tear jerker from start to finish tonight. "Apprentice" should be good as they are down to the final three and we find out the winner soon.
Tomorrow night is the return of HERO's...YA!
then Action Jack on "24"...
Tuesday is IDOL without Sanjaya!!!
Should be a good week for TV.
Stay tuned for other news soon.
Til later...................
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Kip said...

I need to get to Target!!!!

Michele L from Tampa said...

I heard they had colored ones this year. But have not got to look yet. Do not think I need any more though.

Cami said...

sweet deal on the Primas! Too bad my Target doesn't carry the Prima brand (boohoo!). Thanks a bunch for snagging me some of those doc-boxes! :)