Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've calmed down a bit since AI last night. I don't follow the different sites that "predict/know" the results before the show. I don't want to know before Ryan tell us. I always try and guess based on how they are seated or the order they line up in but I don't want to KNOW before hand. They really had me last night and it looked like Jordan/jordin (which is it??) didn't know they were kidding. My DH has asked or suggested that they know ahead of time but you could tell the family and "Sparks" didn't know what they were doing. I had suggested early in the show that they shock might be letting TWO people go and DH said that "JS" being booted would be the big shocker. Looks like we were both right in a way. JS was led to believe she was leaving and they are going to let two leave next week.

Lost...good grief they drive me crazy. Dead people coming back to life...all manner of bizarre things happen on that island. Now we don't know if we can trust Juliet or not..looks like not but "against her will". I don't read the message boards (see reason in AI post above) so I have a hard time keeping up with the twists and turns they throw at us every week. I still say the biggest mystery is why Hurley doesn't loose weight. I know they have food but come on...has no one ever watched Survivor??

Thursday means MUST watch TV..Greys, ER & CSI. We still have the Medium from last night so we won't be at a loss for viewing pleasure. Still reeling from the HOUSE episode. Great show and it was fun to see Hugh L on the AI last night. Always fun to see him as "Himself". Finally got to see the final Apprentence. My pick won. Strong woman rule!

Got a call from DS's school yesterday. Can someone explain to me why I can't get the child to talk to the "new kid" at his bus stop-one that is also in several of his classes- but he gets in trouble for talking & bugging people in ALL of his classes. ARG!!!!! The Science teacher says he thinks it is because he gets bored and then talks. He said they do not have advanced placement in 6th grade so we will have to hope he gets "harder" classes next year. If the kids and teachers don't strangle him first.

DH and I tried out a local restaurant last night since DS was with his dad. It was a little hole in the wall sea food place. We got a main course, salad, bread, 2 veggies & dessert for $6-7.99 each. The food was good, not fancy by any means..some was actually "lunch room style servings" but it wasn't bad. We were the youngest people by about 20 years (not counting the waiters) but it was a "cute" place. We are going to try and check out some other local places. There are some that we drive by and the parking lots are always full. Either they are really good or the "older population" doesn't eat at home..LOL.

Found out today that my new employer is requiring "proof" of my former employment. Since both are out of business or have moved out of state, that means I have to try & track down my W2's. I'm usually a person that keeps things/paperwork FOREVER. Unfortunately my DH isn't and I've been trying to let somethings go. I'm hoping those W2's aren't in that category. ARG!!!

Speaking of working..I agreed to cover the reception desk AGAIN today so I must go get to it.

OH....I was really spoiled yesterday by BOTH my teams for Administrative Assistants day. I got cards, flowers, candy, balloons & $$$$. WAHOO. It was very sweet. THANKS GALS!!!!

Til later...................


Kip said...

I agree about that whole Harley doesn't make sense???

Jenn said...

If Jordin gets the boot.. I will not watch. I think she would be a great american idol. She is young, has a great voice, and has good looks.
DooLittle has a career no matter what..but she falls into a whole OTHER category IMO. I think she would be great at Adult Contemporary or Christian/Gospel. She just doesn't seem like a "POP" idol. Oh well...

Guess we'll see next week. I think It may be LaKeshia and Chris R.