Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Straight to the Heart

In case you aren't watching American Idol..that was a direct AI reference via a "New Christine" reference. She was singing a song in the car and didn't know very many of the words..kinda like the commercial with the two guys who butcher a song. (Man, that made sense didn't it?? LOL! I tried posting earlier in the day and thats what you mind mush)

Say what you will. I am going on the record. I LOVE BLAKE! My DH and I really enjoyed his performance last night. As Simon said, you either would love it or hate it. We LOVED it. He is so adorable.

I was very impressed with Lakisha and Melinda. I wasn't sure how they would do Rock but they both were fabulous. It may have helped that I had never heard either song. I had no comparison to make and really liked both. Melinda looked like she couldn't believe what had just come out of her mouth. She seems to go to another place when she sings. Takes on a character and then the timid Melinda comes out when she is done.

Two people gone tonight. Who will it be? Tough. I think it will be Chris and maybe Phil. I know Simon didn't like Jordins performance but last weeks totals will help her on the off chance people didn't vote as strongly for her this time.

House...good show again unless you thought about the ending. Considering things they had told us, the transplant shouldn't have worked to save the older brother. I'm assuming a lot more time had passed than they let us believe. There would have to be alot of meds and treatments to save the brother. Still, love me Greg House!!

Finally saw the 24 from Monday. Good grief! Poor Jack, poor Audrey. I had forgotten William Devane was her dad on the show. He scares me!

Tonight is the AI results, Bones & LOST. Oh my!!

I didn't mention it the other day- but my DS called me at work MONDAY to say he had a project due TUESDAY. After questioning him he confessed he'd known about it for several weeks. Yes, he'd been lying every day when asked about homework/projects/etc. And yes, his restriction was extended...did I forget to tell you about the phone call from his teacher last Wed? Good grief. And for those keeping score, he still refuses to talk to the new kid at the bus stop. Does anyone know a good shrink in my area? Someone needs to learn some social skills soon or we will not have a great adult. ARG!!!

Did you check out those cool "retro" stamps or the Carry it all? I'm looking forward to getting my CIA. Speaking of new products, have you checked out my TLC website lately? They have a new catalog and TONS of great new stuff. Lots of BLING, Chipboard shapes, new papers. Cool stuff.

What's happening with you? Lots of quiet people on the sites lately. What is everyone doing for National Scrapbook Day this Saturday? TONS of stuff going on-on line if you can't make it to a crop. Cari, Cami & I are heading to the Scrapbook Shoppe Crop on Sunday. Sure hope the goodie bag is good...LOL. It's all about the products & Prizes!

Til later.......................

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Cami said...

AI...(shaking head)...maybe it's because I love Bon Jovi and I don't like anyone else singing their songs - but I wasn't thrilled with anyone last night. I love Blake - I do. He is a good singer, But ENOUGH WITH THE BEAT BOXING ALREADY! aaargh! Tonight's results show should be interresting. I am guessing that Chris is going home, but I really can't predict the 2nd person since they are combining scores. Jordin did AMAZING last week and I really like her so I hope she stays.

24 - poor jack. i wonder if they're ever going to tell us how Audrey's dad survived driving off a cliff into the water?