Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Down to the wire

tonight on IDOL. ARG!!! I'm afraid my boy BLAKE may be out. I enjoyed him last night, as always, but the girls are soooooooo good. I think he'll be the "Chris Daughtrey" of this season..out but will make it big. Should be an interesting night with the results. DO NOT tell me what the"boards" say...I want to find out tonight.

House was so good but my goodness, what a BRAT. House can pull off his attitude. That kid needed a good time out!! Can't wait till next week. What about Forman?? Will he stay? I think so. I can't believe he turned down his own "team".

TONIGHT.....AI results, BONES!!!! and Medium season finale plus we'll be taping the CSI NY finale.

*****ENABLER...if you want to get a beautiful "canvas picture" of your family check this out. Tell HIllary I sent you*****

Darn, it's 8am so that means I need to get off and do my work. DARN receptionist called out AGAIN so I have to work the phones for an hour. ARG!!!!! And she wonders why I am so mean to her all the time...I HATE phone duty and when she is out we all have to cover.

Sorry, pity party almost over.

Happy MID Week DAY.

Jenna...the boxes are packed and in my car!!!! Now to get to a PO. Cami...are you going to give me Priority boxes for my birthday?? Don't tease me about that. LOL. I used to get them automatically delivered when I was doing Ebay alot. Got to the point where I had a storage unit full of them so I canceled the deliveries. Maybe I should get a small delivery of that I know the Secretary here has um..I'll just "borrow" hers.

Til Later........


Jenn said...

I have to say, I have a bad feeling about Blake too. My friend in TX sent me a message last night asking me to call everyone I know and have them dial a number, lol. Turns out it was Blake's number so that you could vote for him, lOl. Apparently, she likes him too! lol

I voted for Jordin, sorry, lol. Her version of that last song she sung just gives me chills.


Cami said...

darn, now I gotta come up with another gift idea.


Anonymous said...

When's your birthday?
You are an enabler, Cheryl! I love, love, love those canvas pictures and want to order one.