Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sparks fly and I'm "LOST"

So, who thought last nights show could have been 15 minutes long instead of two hours? Every year they make us sit through crap until the announcement of the IDOL. Last nights announcement didn't even come in the allotted time. Thankfully we were recording the news show following Idol-just in case. Sure enough, we had to go to the next show to see the end. At least they gave her a few minutes and didn't cut it short like they have done.

My run down of the show....

Kelly her but wonder if she was forced to perform. ? DH said her first song was scary. Angry woman!! LOL.

Sanjya...good grief...PLEASE cut off his 15 minutes. It is about 14 1/2 minutes past due. OMG!!!

Carrie Underwood...nice

Taylor...everyone knows we "love" Taylor. He is not the best singer on the planet, he sound OK last night, but he always makes us smile. LOVE the "mouth harp".

Bette Midler......a moment of silence for the thing that was once her career. They have hired her to replace Celene Dion? OMG. Maybe Sanjya can open for her.

LOVED the Blake "beat boxing" with the DZ person. Great hat.

Really glad Jordin won as she is the best singer. I'm worried for her as a 17 year old child. Hopefully her parents will not turn into Stage moms/dads and that someone with sense will be guiding her career. Which musical path do you think they will go with her? She can do all kinds except maybe hard rock. She's to young/fresh to pull off the "Joan Jett" look. (sorry for the really old's morning..cut me some slack!)

OK, now for LOST. Holy CRAP!!!! Did anyone think they ANSWERED anything? NOT me. I'm more confused than ever. Ok, so it looks like they get off the island and Jack turns into a Drunk-pill popping has been...and his father is ALIVE?? Is Kate with Sawyer? Who died? Ben? Locke? Who would die that NO ONE would attend the service? It has to be someone associated with the flight or it wouldn't effect Jack like it did. Jacks ex is preggers. Did they get back together and then he drove her away with his drinking or did she marry the guy she left Jack for? ARG!!!!!!!! Why didn't Charlie swim out of the window after it blew? He's skinny enough. WHY doesn't the ONE EYED guy ever die? How did Walt get so big? They have only been on the Island for 3-4 months! Crime-in-knee what the heck? What did you think?

Big party at work today. The monthly excuse to eat and goof off. Wahoo!! Before then I better get my insurance stuff filled out and sent so I can start going to the Dr.

DS is leaving for his dads tonight. His sister got her hair done Tuesday night. SO CUTE. I'll have to get a picture. The relatives will love it.

Speaking of hair, got mine done last night. It doesn't look nearly as cute as DD's but then I'm not 19, thin and BEAUTIFUL. It's cut & colored and my eyebrows are separated again so I'm happy. My hair dryer didn't want to work this morning so I had to use the "open car window" method of hair styling. Looks ok but not the effect I wanted.

My friend Jessie G is scheduled to return to work today for the first time since her surgery. Of course she is coming back on FOOD DAY!! LOL. Just kidding Jessie. Can't wait to see you & your new tummy.

Til later.................


Jenn said...

1)Kelly Clarkson needs to fire her stylist and find someone that won't put so much emphasis on her large behind.

2)Bette Midler was a big disappointment! She sounded like she was OUT of breathe.

3)Sanjaya...Joe Perry... was anyone else as confused as I was? Come one, what happened to the ROCKER in Joe Perry? He has to sell out and be on AI w/ SANJAYA? Not even DAUGHTRY!?!?

4)C. Daughtry needs to lose the drag queen eye make up!

5)It's Doug E. Fresh lmao that BB w/ Blake! lol you're funny. I thought that was pretty good.

6) I cried when Jordin won and Blake was so humble.

7) I MISSED LOST! I forgot! I watched Angelina on NBC...dang it!

8) Melinda was right in her element w/ Gladys Knight.

9)I agree...they do NOT need to drag the show on SO darn long!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a television watcher Cheryl but always enjoy and laugh at your reviews and jokes over the shows you watch.

Enjoy the long weekend! I see you cancelled the crop...wish we lived closer, I'd have come to it!