Thursday, May 17, 2007


last night on the results show. First, let me repeat my prior support of ALL three kids. (I'm old enough to be 2 or 3 of their mothers, I can call them kids) I have made no secret of my "love" for Blake. I was still shocked at the outcome of the votes. I am VERY pleased that they didn't torture Jordin again and make her stand there with Blake at the end. Did you see the shocked look on Blake's face? He was more surprised than Melinda. I thought she handled it with the same maturity and grace she has shown all season. We all know she has a incredible future ahead of her and now she can get to it. My DH & I discussed the results and feel that either American figured she had it in the bag and didn't need their votes or they thought she was going to be famous any way and voted for the the "under dogs". It should be interesting next week to see who is "Crowned" They both have such different styles and talents. I'm pushing for CO-Idols!!

LOST....our DVR decided to fritz and we "lost" the first 12 minutes. Luckily it wasn't the finale so we didn't miss to much. If the "underwater station" had a platform, why did Charlie & Desmond think the "swimmer" would drown? The entire thing couldn't be filled with water or did they get some "intel" that it had?? Do you think the girls with guns were women that escaped "Ben" ?? Good grief! Tonight after Greys they said there is a "reveal all show"??

Speaking of tonight, GREYS!!!! CSI Vegas!!!! OH MY!!!!

I'm glad some of you checked out the Canvas site. I have another site for you to check out. craftcritique is a blog that states they are " a collective of experienced crafters (some professional, most not) with strong opinions to share on the craft supplies you want to learn more about." They review products, offer craft tips-etc. Check it out. They are looking for reporters. I emailed them. I don't get enough of my projects posted on my blog so I'm not sure they will pick me. I'm hoping my sparkling wit and personality will win them over!

Have you signed up for Beryls crop yet? She set a deadline for this Sunday. The crop is on the 26th and should be fun. I got the supplies for my "Make & Take" so I'm almost set to go. I've printed out some price tags and will be marking my TLC stuff this weekend. I got some of the new products and they ROCK!!! I have lots of catalogs with the new lines so you can check them out and place an order for anything I don't have. I've also ordered more "Sanding pads".
(((CARI....did you want to order some for your crop????))))

Speaking of Cari..while you are signing up for Beryls crop, run over and sign up (contact Cari Kerrick at 813-929-3029 or for her June 23rd day-o-fun!

Looking forward to cropping this Saturday at my buddy CAMI's. It's always a fun time and I've missed chatting since I've gotten my "real job". Who's bringing the Creamers??? I finally got my "Carry it all" and I'm going to test it out on Saturday night. It's alittle smaller than I expected (being math challenged and all) so I'm not sure what will fit. I also need to put together one of my "Make & Takes" to be sure I can teach it..LOL.

Happy Thursday. Hug your kids/spouse/friends/family/yourself and make it a great day! At the end of today, ask yourself....."WHAT have I done lately, to make me feel proud?"

Til later................ Birthday isn't until AUGUST so you all have plenty of time to plan. :-)

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Jenn said...

My co-worker and I disgussed this a.m. that America MUST have assumed Melinda had it in the bag and just didn't vote. I was extremely shocked she was sent home; she was never in the bottom two that I recall. I literally said out loud, "Holy crap!!!! I can't believe it!" I think she will make an EXCELLENT Christian Contempory artist. She reminds me a lot of CiCi Winians.

Lost..I watched the first 30 min and FELL ASLEEP so I HAVE NO IDEA what happned, dang it!

Love yoU!