Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Season finalies are here!

This is a big week for shows having their season finalies. I was trying to watch HERO's last night and kept fighting to stay awake. DARN new job!! This 6:15 am wake up and full out work day are HARD on my TV watching. Since HERO's has one more week I didn't miss to much. Hopefully DH didn't erase it and I can re-watch it to be on top of things when it ends next week.

I didn't see 24 so CAMI..don't give it away. One more week on that show too.

Tonight is AI and this is the tough week. How to decide between the three that are left? ARG!!

HOUSE...BONES...all going to be really good this week. Medium..another one to watch. Then THURSDAY night is a full plate of MUST see TV. Good grief.

I refuse to get involved with any "summer replacement" shows. I need some time off. Yeah right...we'll see how long that lasts. Rescue Me and Nip Tuck should be back soon..plus the CLOSER...SAVED??? Oh my. I really wish I wasn't addicted to shows. My DH watches alot of TV and I hate to be in another room after being at work all day. He says he doesn't mind but I enjoy watching the shows with him.

Speaking of work, it's 8:05am and I've used up my 30 minutes before the "bell rings". Must get going on the pile in my IN basket. I LOVE my new job but I sure miss my internet surfing! LOL.

BTW...check out the latest stamp set on "Papertrey INc". If you love lady bugs you will love this set. If you order, tell Nicole I sent you.

Another bad thing about this jobs hours is that I can't come in late after running errands. I NEED BOXES to mail the gifts I keep promising. I went to the PO last night thinking I could get some out of the lobby. NOPE. They mocked me from right inside the locked part of the lobby. DARN IT. I was going to go at lunch but now they are talking about talking my buddy to lunch for her birthday so that's out! ARG!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Til later.....................

EDITED: WAHOO. I found priority boxes at one of the other secretaries desk. I grabbed some and so I'll be able to pack them tonight. I can use the self postage kiosk in the lobby so I don't have to worry about if the PO is open or not. YEAH!!!!

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Cami said...

lol, you are too funny. Glad to know all it takes to make you happy is a stash of priority boxes. :) ..when is your birthday again?

I promise I won't spoil the 24 epi. But you DO need to watch it. My heart was racing about 2 minutes into it.